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How to fix ‘A system error has occurred’ on Vanilla gift card?

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Vanilla gift is an authorised seller of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards, which offers a variety of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards. They are the perfect gift cards for every occasion and the best gift to show appreciation to your friends, family, clients, and employees.

Vanilla Gift also offers convenient deliveries for eGift cards by email. If you purchase a plastic gift card by mail, you can use eGift cards and physical gift cards in-store, online, via phone and on any mail order transactions.

In this article, we have discussed why the Vanilla gift card is showing the error and a few easy and simple ways to fix it.

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What are the causes of ‘A system error occurred’ on the Vanilla gift card?

The error occurs when you try to check the balance of your Vanilla gift card, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use the card anymore; you can use the card till it has a balance in it. Many users have used their gift cards even after they got an ‘A system error occurred’ issue while checking the gift card balance.

Here are a few possible reasons that are causing the error on the Vanilla gift card:

  • Corrupted browser cookies.
  • The vanilla gift card is not activated.

How to fix the error on the Vanilla gift card?

Here are four fixes that might help you resolve the issue:

Check the server status of the site

The site usually has a system error when the server is down, so it might be why you cannot make the purchase and get the error. Wait for some time and try again.

Disable Ads blocker

It is possible that the site is not responding to your request because the ad blocker is blocking other functions of the site while blocking the ads on the site, so disabling the ad blocker might resolve the issue.

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How to disable ads blocker on Chrome/Edge or Firefox?

If you want to disable the ad blocker on Chrome/Edge or Firefox:

Disabling adblocker on Chrome/Edge

Step 1: Go to chrome://extensions/and the same works for Edge as well.

Step 2: Switch the toggle button to off.

On Firefox

Step 1: Go to about:addons. on firefox browser.

Step 2: Go to the Extensions tab, then find the adblocker extension and disable it.

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Use another browser

You can try using another browser to make your purchases because there might be some issues with the browser settings.

Check if the card is activated or not

The card is usually activated at the time of purchase, but it is possible that somehow you forgot to register the gift card or you got the gift card as a gift from somebody, and it is not activated. The card has no value until it is activated, so check whether it is activated by contacting Vanilla gift customer service.

Contact support

To contact Vanilla customer support click here.

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