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How to add Bcc in Outlook?

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Bcc or Blind Carbon Copy is a way to an email to multiple recipients while simultaneously hiding their identity. The feature isn’t limited to Outlook and can be found in almost all email platforms.

The name and email addresses of recipients you add to the BCC list isn’t visible the primary sender as well as those in the CC list. You can learn more about the difference between CC and BCC in our article here.

In this article, we explain how you can add Bcc in Outlook on PC and the smartphone app.

How to add Bcc in Outlook?

Here are the steps to add Bcc in Outlook:

Step 1: To add Bcc in Outlook; first, you have to write a new email or reply to an email. To write a new email, click on New Email option in the Home menu. To respond to an email, click on the email and then click Reply. Step 2: When you are in the new email screen, click on Option from the toolbar at the top.Step 3: Now, choose the Bcc option. You will see a Bcc row under the Cc one; click on it and enter the address that you wish to add to the email but don’t want the primary or secondary recipient to see. Also read: How to schedule an email in Outlook?

Method 2: Quick method

This is another method using which you can add Bcc in Outlook. Open Outlook and start composing an email.

Step 1: Click on To or Cc and a new window will open. Look at the screenshot below to get an idea. Step 2: Here, select the Bcc option and then enter the email of the recipient. Also read: How to change your signature in Outlook?

How to add Bcc in Outlook app?

If you are using Outlook app, then follow the steps mentioned below to add Bcc in Outlook.

  • Open the Outlook app and then tap on the compose email button to write a new email. You can also reply to an email.
  • Here, tap on the downward arrow to the extreme right of the To option.
  • Now, you will see a Bcc option below the Cc option. Tap on the option and add the recipient’s name. You can add multiple email addresses in BCC option too.

We hope our guide to adding Bcc in Outlook on PC and smartphone app was helpful for you. We have covered more such articles on Outlook, other emailing services as well as several other online tools, which you can find in our Tech Basic section.

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