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How to add friends in Discord?

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Discord has come a long way from being a gamer focussed communication platform. Now just about everyone uses it and for a variety of reasons. Anyone who needs a server where a bunch of people can hop on, talk, chat, share media and screens is using Discord. Most communities thriving here can range from anything from online course classes to discussion forums on hacking. 

Even big shot Youtubers use Discord as a means to connect with their audience more easily. More often than not Youtubers have their own discord servers running where they can communicate with their audience better and even host community events.

Discord also has the ability to add and talk to individual friends. You search for someone using their username and Discord tag and send them a friend request. If they accept, you can chat or call them as and when you like. 

Here is how you can add friends on Discord’s website on your PC or the Android or iOS apps; including how to add friends from a Discord server.

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Adding friends on Discord on PC

To find your friends on Discord you’ll need to know their username and their Discord tag. A tag is a four-digit number following a hash symbol after your username. This is in a format like username#0000.

Once you know that, finding friends is a breeze.

Step 1: On the Discord home page, click on the Add Friend button from among the options at the top.

Step 2: It’ll ask you to enter your friend’s Discord tag. Go ahead and type it in and click on the Send Friend Request button.

Step 3: The request will show up in the Pending tab.

Once your friend accepts the request, they’ll show up in the Online tab. 

Yes that’s Marton, the Marton, from TechAltar.

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Adding friends from a Discord server

If you’re already on the same server as the person you’d like to add. It’s even easier to add them as a friend.

Step 1: Open the server your friend is on. You’ll see a list of everyone on the server to the right. 

Step 2: Right-click on the person you’d like to add as a friend and click on the Add Friend option in the menu that appears. 

The same method is applicable on the Discord app for Android and iOS.

Adding a friend on the Discord app

Adding a friend from the app works exactly the way it works on PC.

  • Go to the Friends tab on your Discord app
  • Type in your friend’s Discord tag and tap the button to send them a friend request.

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