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Adobe debuts AI Assistant for Acrobat and Premiere Pro AI tools

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Adobe, a leader in digital creativity software, plans to use AI to enhance its tools, such as Acrobat and Premiere Pro. The company has unveiled an AI Assistant for the Acrobat family of applications at a monthly subscription of $4.99 and has also released three new tools to use AI models to enhance video creation and manipulation in Premiere Pro.

Acrobat AI Assistant

The AI assistant, initially announced and launched in beta in February, operates within Adobe’s Acrobat platform and interacts with users through a chatbot interface.

It can prove particularly useful for locating specific information within PDFs and other documents, making it a valuable tool for professionals, students, and individuals dealing with complex textual content. It is important to note that the AI assistant will not use the internet to answer your queries. Rather, it will stay within the confines of your document.

This approach, dubbed the ‘document approach,’ allows the company to not invest in its large language models (LLMs) and still be able to answer the customer’s queries.

Source: Adobe

The company has also launched a free beta version of the AI assistant for mobile devices. This mobile version includes voice command capability, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users on the move.

Furthermore, Adobe is expanding the availability of this service by integrating it into extensions for popular web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Adobe has clarified that subscription pricing for this feature is currently offered at an ‘early access’ rate, and the company plans to adjust pricing as the service evolves and expands.

New tools for Premiere Pro

Adobe released three tools to enhance the video editing experience of users:

  • Generative Extend: This tool allows editors to extend shots by generating new frames at the beginning or end of a clip.
  • Object Addition and Removal: As the name suggests, this tool will help editors add or remove objects within a shot.
  • Generative B-Roll: Using this tool, the editors can generate video clips tailored to their storytelling needs via simple text prompts.

Adobe also said they are” committed to open platforms and partnerships to deliver the capabilities our customers want where they want them.” This means that users will have more freedom in choosing the right generative AI model for video creation.

Source: Adobe

“Premiere Pro has long had a rich partner and plugin ecosystem, making it the flexible, extensible tool that fits any workflow. To expand this ecosystem, we are also sharing our early explorations around incorporating third-party generative AI tools and models with Premiere Pro such as OpenAI’s Sora, RunwayML and Pika,” said Adobe.

As generative AI ventures into video and images, questions about copyright and intellectual property rights have emerged from several concerned quarters. To address this concern, Adobe applies Content Credentials temper-evident metadata to all the AI-generated images and videos.

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