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5 free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

5 free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has become so popular that many people still prefer to say that a picture is photoshopped rather than call it edited, but you don’t need to pay for photoshop to make your photos stand out. There are many other free alternatives on the market, that can help you get your snaps picture perfect.

Today we list out top five free alternatives to photoshop.


Price: Free.

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows.

What started as a semester project initially, is now a powerful image editing tool used by many all around the world. GIMP is the best and also a free alternative to photoshop. One of the most valuable assets of GIMP is its user-created plugins and scripts which gives it a unique edge against photoshop.

Find GIMP here

Pixlr Editor

Price: Free.

Supported platforms: Cloud-based Flash web app.

Pixlr Editor is a cloud-based Flash web app that can be used on almost any device making it accessible to many who may not have the permission or capacity to run a full-fledged photo editing application. It is also a powerful editing tool with a vast toolbox for editing your pictures to get that look you desire.

Find Pixlr Editor here


Price: Free.

Supported platforms: Windows.

Paint.NET is an open-source freeware that started its life as an ms-paint substitute but grew into a popular and powerful tool in its own right. A must have if you are a windows user and looking for something lightweight and powerful.

Find Paint.NET here

Photos Pos Pro

Price: Free / Paid (If you wish to support the developers).

Supported platforms: Windows.

Photos pos pro is a powerful and friendly photo editor that aims to bring the best of both worlds of basic and advanced editing tools for its users. Unlike other photo editors in this list, it is also a wonderful editing tool which helps you to grow your editing skills as your editing skills-set progress.

Find Photos Pos Pro here


Price: Free / Paid (If you wish to support the developers).

Supported platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows.

Many would call Krita a photoshop clone, but that’s not really a bad thing, to be honest. Kira is almost as feature-rich as Photoshop, if not better. The only thing it lacks is a history tool. Krita comes highly recommended if you need that photoshop experience on a tight budget.

Find Krita here.

With more and more people getting into photography courtesy of smartphones, editing their pictures would become easier and accessible to the masses with the use of such freeware.

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