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Amazon introduces generative AI for seller listing creation

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Amazon has unveiled an addition to its suite of seller tools: generative artificial intelligence (AI) tech that allows sellers to generate high-quality detail pages by providing URLs to their websites.

The new AI tool is currently being rolled out and will be available to US sellers in the coming weeks.

The company aims to simplify the process of creating compelling product listings. Previously, sellers used to input every product detail across various attributes to craft engaging descriptions.

With the new AI capabilities, sellers can transform their product pages from their direct-to-consumer (DTC) websites into listings explicitly tailored for Amazon’s platform.

Amazon embarked on this journey last fall, initially allowing sellers to input just a few words describing their products, which generative AI then used to craft titles, descriptions, and other key attributes. Subsequent enhancements enabled sellers to upload product images, leveraging AI to generate essential listing components such as titles and descriptions automatically.

Source: Amazon

According to the company, the response to the Amazon AI suite has been overwhelming, with over 100,000 sellers already utilising the technology to generate product details. Moreover, the sellers accept the suggested attributes nearly 80% of the time with minimal editing.

Amazon has also warned that only the owners or right holders of the product pages can paste the URL to generate the product page. If not, Amazon reserves the right to take legal recourse. As of now, the company has not provided further information on this issue.

Last year, Amazon boarded the AI train with generative AI tools to generate product pictures and help sellers write product descriptions easily. The company also used AI for customer convenience by launching an automated chatbot, Rufus, designed to answer customer queries. Customers can use the chatbot for product descriptions, comparisons, and suggestions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) also added a text-to-image tool, Titan Image Generator, designed for enterprise users.

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