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Is Amazon’s GPT55x a hoax or real?

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The internet is rife with rumours about a new generative AI named Amazon GPT55x, developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Most articles on the internet talk about AI’s capabilities, boasting 55 billion parameters, making it the top among AI and a “revolution in AI.” There is a liberal spread of technical words in these articles without proper evidence. The articles also talk about the

When you glance at the top articles on Amazon’s GPT55x, you will notice that most of these are just poor copies of each other with no background research and analysis.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether Amazon’s GPT55x is a hoax or not. Here’s what we will cover:

Amazons GPT55x is an elaborate hoax.

Below, we’ve presented various parameters from our analysis that led us to this conclusion.

No major tech publication has reported it

We tried to find an article on Amazon’s GPT55x by any reputed technology publication such as The Verge, TechCrunch, Gizmodo or Wired. However, we found no such articles.

We did find articles about GPT55x on various obscure websites. Is it even possible for the established publications not to sniff this news? We think not.

Nomenclature error

Just check the name of the AI — Amazon GPT55x. Every article mentions this peculiar name, ‘Amazons.’ It should either be Amazon’s or just Amazon.

The name resembles a cheap imitation of the original company’s name, and 55x signifies 55 billion parameters. This is quite simplistic for a company like Amazon.

No official confirmation from the company

We tried to locate even a glimpse of GPT55x on Amazon Web Service and all its associated services but were unsuccessful. If this amazing tool had been truly developed, the company would have given at least a hint to the people.

After all, Amazon is developing AI for people, and controlled leaks will generate user curiosity.

It can be an AI trick

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A handful of popular generative AI tools | Photo: Tada Images /

Many websites have suggested that Amazon GPT55x is a creation of AI. As we all know, AI models are still not refined and can often generate deceptive content.

If you look at the articles related to GPT55x, you will notice that the articles are generally the same, and it is quite likely that these articles trace their origins to an AI article generated by any of the generative AIs that we have today.

If you analyse any articles, you will find no evidence, just talks and technical words. Only an AI can do this. There have been cases where AI-generated texts, despite being deceptive and fake, sound so convincing that people fell for it.

No effect on stocks

If a company had been working on such an advanced AI, the stocks would have soared as many people would look to invest in the company to make quick bucks.

However, Amazon’s stocks are stable and have not risen or fallen, showcasing that this is all just a rumour and is not being taken seriously even by the extremely money-minded Wall Street executives.

In conclusion, Amazon GPT55x is a hoax generated by AI. It would be best to not fall for this and educate others.

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