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Android 9 Pie (Go Edition): Everything you need to know

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Last year Google introduced its Android (Go Edition) with Android 8 Oreo and now it has done the same for its latest release with the Android 9 Pie (Go Edition).

Google released Android 9 Pie on August 6, 2018, for its Pixel line of phones and other compatible devices like Essential have also rolled out the Android Pie update for its customers.

Now, Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) will increase the number of compatible devices that are going to see features from the latest Android release.

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Why consider Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) device?

The company released Android (Go Edition) in order to make sure that even the entry-level smartphone owners get a fast and smooth experience.

There are more than 200 devices available in 120+ countries including India, South Africa, USA, Nigeria and Brazil. The company has revealed that more than 100 manufacturers are planning to release devices before the end of the year, which means more devices to choose from to get the Go Edition experience.

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In some of the countries, these Android Go devices are available for as little as $30. It can prove to be a useful device for beginners/entry-level phone buyers.

Android 9 Pie (Go Edition)

The Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) includes the following:

  • Up to an additional 500MB of storage out-of-the-box compared to Android Oreo (Go Edition)
  • Device boots faster
  • Verified boot — a top-of-the-line security feature
  • Easy to access the dashboard for monitoring data consumption
  • Additional available memory is double of that on a non-Go edition device

Entry-level devices lack big storage or memory to run heavy apps such as Facebook and other social media networks.

The first of the devices to sport Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) can be expected to go on sale this fall.

Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) grants the users more storage, better performance, data savings and security with their entry-level device.

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6 Google apps with Android Go Edition

In order to deliver a powerful experience to the entry-level smartphones, Google has edited a few of their apps to perform better with lower resources this February. Following are the updates to these apps:

  • Google Go: The app now has the ability to read webpages aloud and simultaneously highlight the word that’s being read.
  • YouTube Go: The app uses less data with new features like gallery mode for downloaded content — making it easier on people with limited data.
  • Maps Go: The app has now been updated with ‘Navigation’ which works on unstable connections to give users turn-by-turn directions.
  • Files Go: The app can now perform data peer-to-peer without using mobile data at speeds up to 490Mbps.
  • Assistant Go: The Assistant app for Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) now supports Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Indonesian languages and has also been given support for actions like Bluetooth, camera, flashlight and reminders. This is the first time Google Assitant will be made available to devices with 1GB or less memory.
  • Android Messages: The app is now 50 percent smaller in size and the Phone App includes a caller ID and spam detection

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