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Apple September 2019 keynote: iPhone 11 and other major announcements

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On Tuesday, Apple held its annual September keynote at The Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California. Apple Park, which has been the home to Apple’s recent product launches, was filled with cheers for announcements regarding the new iPhones, the refreshed Apple Watch, a surprise iPad reveal and several other services. Read ahead in the article to find out about some of the details that Apple unveiled to the public.

Apple Arcade

The event started with Apple talking about their video game subscription service, Apple Arcade. This service was unveiled to the public in a special event that Apple held in March 2019, and the keynote mentioned several key details about it.

The game service now has a fixed launch date of September 19th and will offer a one-month free trial. For anyone interested in subscribing to the service, it is set to cost INR 99 per month ($4.99 per month in the US) for all members of your Apple family (up to six members).

Apple Arcade will feature 100 unique games at launch, with new games being added every month after that. With popular production houses like Konami and Capcom partnering with them, Apple is bound to change the world of mobile gaming.

Apple TV+

The Apple TV platform which has been steadily growing ever since its inception also received a big boost with the announcement of a launch date for the Apple TV+ subscription service, which was announced in March alongside Apple Arcade. The service will be available across 100 countries at launch, starting November 1st. It is set to cost INR 99 per month ($4.99 for US consumers) and will available for all members of your Apple family, just like the game service.

At the keynote, the company showed off the trailer for See, an Apple Original, starring Jason Momoa which roused quite a reaction from the crowd present. The intense feeling that trailer gave off was very appealing and made me look forward to what other shows Apple may have in the making.

An offer that Apple will be running, starting today, is that if you purchase an iPhone, iPod, iPad or a MacBook, you will get a one-year subscription for free.

Note: This offer will be valid for three months from the date that you purchase your device. If you are buying your device before the launch of the streaming service, your three month claim period will start from the 1st of November.

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7th Generation iPad

This announcement was a little surprise for everyone as Apple generally makes information about iPads available at their October events. For the longest of time now, iPads have offered an unmatched experience in the world of tablets, and with today’s refresh, Apple is only set to consolidate their stand in the market further.

The 7th generation iPad brings with a new 10.2-inch Retina Display and replaces the older 9.7-inch model. During the keynote, Tim Cook mentioned on stage that the entry-level iPad served as a first time experience for 60% of its buyers, and they only wanted to improve this experience.

This model also brings the Smart Connector from the higher end models to the table. It will retail for a price of $329 (32GB, pricing for 128GB was unavailable at the time of writing) and shipping will start from the 30th of September. There will also be a variant catered towards the education sector which will be available for $299.

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Apple Watch Series 5

This time around the Apple Watch has received an update which I term as more of a quality of life improvement. The build and screen size remains the same while a few changes have been made under the hood.

The Series 5 features a new built-in compass and support for an always-on display as its headlining features. The battery life on the device will maintain the 18-hour threshold that Apple stated last year, because of the new oxide display and low-power display driver that is being used.

The various aluminium cases available

With the new version, a slew of modern finishes were also unveiled for the watch. The average Apple Watch is now made using the 100% recycled aluminium. There are new colour options like the Space Black and Polish in the stainless steel variant, and a brand new titanium finish will also be available.

The brushed titanium finish

The GPS version of the Series 5 will retail for $399 whereas the LTE models start at $499. It will be available in stores from the 20th of September.

Coming to the older variants, the Series 4 has been dropped from the lineup, and the Series 3 received a significant price cut to make it available for its lowest price yet, at $199.

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iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

This is probably the most anticipated piece of news in regards to Apple’s keynote and this year we saw three new models being announced namely, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

While the design on the outside remains relatively unchanged, like previous years, the internals has been improved, and the camera system has received quite an overhaul across the board.

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The A12 Bionic has been replaced by the A13 Bionic, which makes use of more efficient cores and 8.5 billion transistors to improve upon the devices’ battery lives drastically.

The iPhone 11 which is the successor to the XR is said to improve its battery life by an entire hour, keep in mind the XR was the longest-lasting iPhone ever, as Apple claimed when the released it. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max also seem to leave their predecessors in the dust, as they are said to last four and five hours over the last generation, XS and XS Max respectively.

iPhone 11 Pro

Coming to the camera set up on these devices, the rear bump seems to have used the controversial design that the rumours had made apparent. The iPhone 11 has two lenses this time around compared to the single-lens present on the XR, and these are a 12MP wide lens and a 12MP ultrawide lens whereas the Pro models sport a triple camera set up including the aforementioned two and featuring an extra 12MP telephoto lens.

The iPhone 11 will be available in an anodised aluminium and glass construction with six different colour options, Purple, White, Yellow, Green, Black and a Product Red version whereas the Pro models will feature a stainless steel and glass construction. This time around the glass on the back of the Pro models will have a matte finish, and they will be available in four different colours namely, Space Grey, Silver, a new Gold and a first-ever Midnight Green.

iPhone 11 featuring dual-lens setup at the back

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will retail for INR 64,990 ($699 in US), INR 99,900 ($999 in US) and INR 109,900 ($1,099 in US) respectively. The 128GB and 256GB variants of the iPhone 11 will cost $749 and $849, the 256GB and 512GB of the 11 Pro will cost $1149 and $1349, the 256GB and 512GB of the 11 Pro Max will cost $1249 and $1449 respectively.

Pre-orders in US are set to go live from Friday, the 13th of September and will begin shipping from the 20th. The device will be available in India from the 27th of September, according to Apple’s website.

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