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What is AR Zone app on Samsung phones? Everything you need to know

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There is not a lot that the modern smartphone can’t do, be it voice recognition or recording 4k footage at high frame rates, today’s smartphones can do it all.

With advancements in technology, smartphones can alter how we see the world. Yes, you heard it right. You can now change the way you look at the world by using augmented reality applications available on the Internet, and if you own a Samsung flagship, you can alter reality by using the AR zone application pre-installed on your device.

The AR zone application came out with One UI 2.1 and can be found pre-installed on all the devices which support the software update.

This article will show you all you can do using the AR zone on your smartphone.

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How to create your personalised emojis with AR emoji camera?

Several applications are part of the AR zone, but it’s best to start with the AR emoji camera. Why you ask? Well, because it lets users create an emoji that looks just like them.

So if you are tired of sending the same old emojis to your friends, you can change the way you chat by creating a personalised emoji. To do the same, follow the steps given below.

  • Head to the AR Zone application on your device.
  • Click on AR Emoji Camera.
  • Scroll to the + icon and click on the same.
  • Position your face in the centre of the circle and click a picture once the circle turns white.
  • Select a gender and then click on Next.
  • Once the application has created an emoji, you can change the way it looks by adjusting its hair, eyes, clothes and anything that comes to mind.
  • Once you are happy with what you have created you can click on Next to finialse they way your AR emoji looks.
  • Click on All done to complete your emoji.

Once you have created your emoji, it will be available in the AR emoji camera. After that, you can click pictures and shoot videos using your emoji and share them with friends and family.

Apart from this, the AR emoji camera offers several preset characters that can be used in two different modes, namely scene and mask and scene.

Users’ faces and backgrounds are completely transformed according to their chosen character in the scene configuration. In case of the mask setting, only the persons face is covered with the emoji character and users can click pictures and shoot videos in both these modes.

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Customise your emojis with AR emoji studio

Once you have created your emoji, it’s time to get creative with it. To do the same, head to the AR emoji studio. In this application, you can give a new look to your online avatar.

The AR emoji studio lets users design clothes for their emojis, add stickers to them and allows users to change everything their emoji is wearing.

Share your emojis with AR emoji sticker

Now that you are happy with the way your emojis look, it’s time to make your chats more lively. To do the same, head to the AR emoji studio.

This application lets users create stickers from the emojis they have already created. In addition to this, the application offers several pre-made stickers with different moods.

Not only this, once you have created your emojis, they will be added to the sticker section on your Samsung keyboard, and you can share them at the click of a button.

AR Doodle

Do you find yourself doodling when you are stressed? Well, AR doodle will change the way you create doodles. As the name suggests, AR doodle incorporates augmented reality into the basic doodle experience.

The application lets users create 3D doodles in their environment and take images of the same. Not only this, the application remembers where your doodles are in 3D space. This lets you get a different perspective of the doodles you create.

Offering various sketching tools, doodle pic is a great tool to kill your anxieties and share your AR creativity with friends.

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Deco pic

Deco pic is Samsung’s take on filters offered by Instagram and Snapchat. Like popular social media applications, deco pic lets users place masks, frames, and stamps on their faces and capture pictures and videos.

Picture link

Looking to entertain your friends with a modern take on a treasure hunt? Well, picture link might be the application for you.

Picture link lets users create AR markers in their environment and links images, voice notes, and audio to these markers.

To create an AR marker and media to it, follow the steps given below

• Open AR zone on your device.
• Click on Picture Link.
• Click on Create.
• Capture a picture of the object you want to use as an AR marker and click on Next.

• Add media to the marker according to your needs.
• Click on Save.

Once you have created the marker successfully, you can view the media attached to the marker using the view mode. 

All in all, Samsung’s AR zone offers its users a unique augmented reality experience. Not only this, the application provides a great user experience and lets users share several augmented reality experiences at the click of a button.

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