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Is Atlas Earth a scam?

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The Metaverse might sound like a new concept, but tons of applications are already taking advantage of the metaverse hype. Many new games and programs have also been showing up on the market that works around this new virtual reality. 

In this article, we’re looking at Atlas Earth, a game that claims it can help you make money from the metaverse and whether or not it’s a scam.

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What is Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth aims to be a virtual representation of the metaverse world where you can buy virtual real estate. The game allows you to buy 900 square feet of land at a time, making around $0.04 per year for a $5 parcel of land. However, the creators say you can boost your land by as much as 30 times by watching ads. 

Is Atlas Earth a scam?

As you progress through the game and own more land, you move up the rankings, eventually becoming the mayor, governor or even president. The game also moves around you, which means if you move in real life, you can find new plots of land to own. 

Making money with Atlas Earth

As you can probably guess by now, you make money in the game by renting or selling the plots of land you already own. The game pays you by the second, but the payment amount is so low that a regular plot will make you roughly 10 cents a year. 

The second hurdle in the way is Atlas Earth’s withdrawal limit. You need at least $5 in your wallet before you can make a withdrawal. This means you’ll need to own a tremendous amount of land or wait for a long time before making any money from the game. 

Is Atlas Earth a scam?
The game’s website has a neat income calculator.

Because of the way real estate works in real life, even if you did have a lot of land you wouldn’t make any profit unless the game becomes massively popular and there are a lot of players competing for the same plot of land, driving the prices higher. 

Where does the money come from?

The game itself makes its money by selling players Atlast Bucks, the in-game currency you use to buy properties. The standard land parcel rate is around 100 Atlas Bucks, which translates to $4.99 in real-life money. Also, the more Atlas Bucks you buy, the cheaper they get in typical in-game microtransaction fashion. 

Is Atlas Earth a scam?
Atlas Earth claims to help you earn money

Another income stream for the game is all the ads you see. Watching an ad gives a player two free Atlas Bucks. Considering the price of one parcel of land, it’d take around 50 ads for you to collect enough money; the problem is that Atlas Earth limits players to one ad every 20 minutes. 

The game also collects a lot of data about its players, including their geographical location. There’s a good chance that this data is being sold to metaverse developers to make additional profit for the game. 

Is Atlas Earth really scam?

The game isn’t exactly a scam, but if you’re looking to make money, Atlas Earth isn’t something you want to invest your time and money in, considering the time and effort it’ll take to turn a marginal profit. 

It is, however, a fun game to explore the metaverse. The game limits what you can do without buying at least some land, which can limit its popularity, working against people who have already invested in purchasing the in-game land. 

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Yadullah Abidi

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  • they are a scam, read the terms of service and then even if you follow it you will violate it by simply playing the game, according to the developers themselves. my account went missing somehow unlinked from my email. even though i provided my email phone number name and all they refused to do anything besides sudo hreaten me by saying i have technically two accounts and im violating terms…. all i did was hit the login with google… trust me the purchase histry and all that proves it was my gmail that owned the first account but eve after providing all that proof i was basically told to screw off by the heads themselves. they refused to een follow he expected use case of replenishing the atlas bucks i proved i bought onto the new account simply nothing… i also let them know im a disabled person and it seems kinda funny this happened almost 30 days exactly after i hit my 150th land and didnt buy any more… i could share all the screenshots here but its kinda pointless just would show the clown act when i kept bringing up the fcts hey refused to accept.

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