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How to backup Firefox bookmarks and export them?

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the first browsers that comes to mind whenever people think of privacy on the internet. The Mozilla Foundation has contributed towards projects that are built with the privacy of the users in mind.

If you’re new to Firefox or aren’t able to find your way around bookmarks on Firefox, below, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you backup Firefox bookmarks as well as import or export them.

Note that these steps will only work on Firefox browser for PC. If you’re looking to backup bookmarks from your smartphone app or export/import bookmarks, you’ll first need to sign into the browser app and then with the same login credentials, sign into Firefox on Windows or Mac and follow the steps mentioned below.

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How to backup Firefox bookmarks?

After launching Firefox browser on PC, follow the steps mentioned below.

The backup of Firefox bookmarks will now be saved to your PC. You can restore that to Firefox on another PC using the same steps above, except click on Restore instead of Backup in the third step and then choose the backup file.

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How to import/export Firefox bookmarks?

Firefox also gives you the option to import or export bookmarks in HTML, that can be used to create the same bookmarks in Firefox or other browsers. To import or export Firefox bookmarks, follow the steps below.

You would’ve successfully imported or exported your Firefox bookmarks.

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