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Top 7 Amazon alternatives that deliver in USA

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Online shopping has made shopping insanely easy. With same and one-day delivery options and excellent customer support, e-commerce websites have gained a lot of popularity. Amazon Prime has taken online shopping to the next level by providing an array of additional services including Prime shopping, Prime Videos, Amazon Music, Kindle, Firestick, to name a few.

As an online shopper, it is essential to look at all the available websites to get the best deal. In this article, we will be talking about the seven best alternatives to Amazon. This will help you save some extra money as different products have different prices on different platforms.


Top 7 Amazon alternatives that deliver in USA | Candid.TechnologyTarget started as a departmental store in 1902 and was in business long before Amazon even began. In 1999 Target launched its online shopping website, which gained a lot of popularity. It offers a wide variety of products; you name it  Target has it.

Click here to visit target

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If you want the best deals, you will probably find them on Walmart. It offers a variety of discount offers on various products. It is the worlds largest company by revenue. Providing great customer service and has features like Wallmart grocery and one-day delivery.

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Best Buy is another great option for online shopping. It provides services such as in-house installation for the products you bought at best buy. The biggest thing that makes Best Buy popular is its standardised pricing system.

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If you are looking to buy cheap electronic products, Aliexpress is the place for you. It is a Chinese marketplace that ships products globally. Being a Chinese marketplace, you will find a lot of sellers selling bulk electronics at low prices. It also has a lot of products which are not available elsewhere.

Click here to visit Aliexpress


Unlike most of the traditional eCommerce platforms listed here, eBay is not a retail marketplace. On eBay, products do not have a fixed price, but one has to make bids to buy a particular product. So the products price on eBay depends on the bids it gets and not on the amount set by the seller

eBay has about 25 million active buyers so whatever you want to buy you will probably find on eBay. With its unique bidding process, people can get products at great prices.

Click here to visit eBay

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QVC is another excellent alternative to Amazon. It has a lot of products available online, which are focussed on women. QVC also has a jewellery category so if you want you can get some bling for yourself delivered to your doorstep

Click here to visit QVC


If you want to save a few extra bucks on every purchase Rakuten is the place for you. Rakuten lists most of the popular eCommerce websites on its page. You can open them through Rakuten and make your purchase. Once you make a purchase, you will get extra cashback from Rakuten. Rakuten is not limited to shopping and provides cashback on travel as well.

Click here to visit Rakuten

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