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Top 7 Android apps that help you draw on photos

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After taking amazing pictures, we tend to usually apply filter and background and other stuff that helps us to produce magnificent photos. We also like to draw on the image to add something cool. No doubt that the android smartphones come with powerful editing features, but most of them don’t allow you to doodle on the photo.

For ensuring that you get a marvellous photo editing experience, we have made a list of some third-party apps that will help you doodle on the picture as much as you fancy. This could be helpful while sharing some pointers with your colleagues at work on an image or a screenshot as well as with your classmates at school or college.

You Doodle

In addition to drawing, the app also supports things like the creation of collages, great colouring, and has a vast image library. Get ready to show the creativity by the artist in you because the app allows you to share your edits and collages with the world. You Doodle is furnished with a colouring editor tool, so get ready and create your masterpiece.

Get You Doodle here

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Draw on Picture

As the names suggest, this app will turn your precious images into something fun that you might not have expected. The tools provided by the app are quite easy to use. Want to share your incredible work with everybody then don’t worry because this app allows you to share edited files on social media and other messaging platforms.

Get Draw on Picture here


This is a fantastic app that allows you to draw on pictures. You can choose a photo from the gallery. The app provides its users with several brushes and tools, alongwith some cool brush effects. You can also add text and pictures to your art. You can change the opacity, size, and scatter of the brush.

Get Paintastic here

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Simple Draw

Basic drawing work can be done through this app because it doesn’t come with as many brushes and tools. The app provides eight different colours to its users. You can also decorate your photo through text and stickers. The interface is user-friendly, and you won’t be bored to use this app. Its zoom-in feature will help you with minute details. To avail these amazing features, you must have Android 4.4 or later version to download it for free.

Get Simple Draw here

Pocket Paint

This app has perfect features that will help you to create a fantastic output the features include free-hand drawing, shapes, stickers and much more. If you have the image in your internal storage or SD card, don’t worry because you can surely find it in your Pocket Paint application. So Android users take advantage of this free app.

Get Pocket Paint here

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Today’s generation is obsessed with memes. If you are a meme lover, you can try this app. Not only does the app have all the necessary options such as highlighter, pencil, eraser, brush, crop, etc. but also you can find some stickers to give an image a distinctive aspect. The app is free.

Get Inkboard here

Let’s Draw

The app is easy to use and therefore adding typed text isn’t a problem. You have an option to choose from five pen thicknesses available and 45 different colours but to your disappointment is has only one font. The app offers built-in functionality to email your creative work, save them or maybe post them to social media.

Get Let’s Draw here

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