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Top 7 Android apps for learning to drive a car

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If you are planning to learn to drive a car then no need to wait as you can download any of the apps mentioned below and brush up on your skills while away from the steering wheel too. The apps can help users in learning how to drive alongwith making them aware of all the basic traffic rules.

ICBC Driving Test

Developer:  Deedal Studio Inc | Size: 3.6MB | Price: Free.Top 7 Android apps for learning to drive a car | Candid.TechnologyAll the beginners who want to learn driving then this is the app you are looking for. The app offers, Learn to Drive Smart guide and also includes 200 questions for the test. It is designed especially for the British Columbia Class 7L knowledge test.

You can download the ICBC Driving Test here

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DMV Driver License Reviewer

Developer:  Deedal Studio Inc | Size: 3.6MB | Price: Free.

Specially designed for US drivers, this app has features like questions as well as driving videos that include YouTube Videos. It is a package for people who are first-timers who want a permit license, commercial license, and motorcycle license.

Download the DMV Driver License Reviewer app here

Learn How To Drive: Manual Car

Developer:  Lovely AI | Size: 5.3MB | Price: Free. This app covers almost everything that a beginner must learn for driving a manual car. The guides available in the app are easy to understand. It can be used to learn the basics of driving a car.

Download the Learn how to drive app here

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Driving Academy

Developer: | Size: 106MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. This amazing Android app is a car school driver simulator that can help you to master your driving as well as your parking skills. Not only that but this app also covers some road rules which you need to follow while driving a car. This app is available in 19 languages. The developers also released a 2020 version of the app, which is available here.

Download the Driving Academy app here

Driving School 2017

Developer:  Ovidiu Pop | Size: 27MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. The experience and attention to detail are quite apparent in the app, which is detailed with high-quality graphics, that include interiors of cars crafted in such a way that they mimic real cars. It has smooth and realistic car handling.

Download the Driving School 2017 app here

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Car Driving School Simulator

Developer:  BoomBit Games | Size: 59MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. This app helps you with lane driving. After you’re done with lessons you get a detailed report regarding driving, road rules, and safety. The app is so realistic that it will make you feel like you are giving a driving test plus — giving you the feel of the real deal.

Download the Car Driving School Stimulator app here

Parking Mania 2

Developer:  Mobirate | Size: 95MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. This popular car parking game will help its users to understand the dynamics and physics of parallel and reverse parking. So when you try to park the car and touch any obstacle then you lose points. Even though Parking Mania is just a game yet it helps users to understand the importance of parking angles, finding the correct spot, turning the car, and many other things.

Download the Parking Mania 2 app here

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