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Top 6 apps and gadgets for music production

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DJ Khaled began his career by working in record stores. He jumped into the DJ circuit at the age of 23, eventually making it big in Hollywood. By 2016, he had achieved enough acclaim to call himself a music mogul, a producer, a DJ, an executive, a CEO, and an artist.

This is the modern rags-to-riches story, a tale of how a young music mixer made his way up in life with nothing but music and a vision. This is the fantasy that young children play out in their heads, between dreams of Vegas and fortune.

And this is the list of apps and gadgets that can help get you on the fast track to fame.

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3 best apps for music production


GarageBand is well-known and with good reason. With a streamlined, professional interface, GarageBand makes it easier for amateurs and professionals to make music.

Top 6 apps and gadgets for music production

There is a vast array of instruments available, including but not limited to electronic drums, synth pads, leads, basses, tonewheel organ, acoustic and electric basses, harps, and pipe organs. You can record and mix up to 255 tracks. With a mic, you can record at 24 bits.

The app runs very smoothly, with intuitive and responsive controls. Though it may not quite have all the features that a professional needs, GarageBand is an excellent tool for beginners.

You can find GarageBand here

PropellerHead Figure

Best suited to create music on the go, PropellerHead’s Figure lets users of all skill levels create electronic tunes. It has a simple, stylish interface that makes the navigation pretty straightforward.

Its core is built around drums, bass, and lead. You can set patterns and tweak the sound qualities of each instrument. You can play an instrument by simply sliding your finger across the screen. Not only can you set the tempo, key, and specific scales, but you can also customise the track using a basic mixing menu.

There is no way to export or save songs. However, it is an excellent tool for those trying to figure out what sounds good and what would work, as there is no “wrong” way to play on the Figure.

You can find PropellerHead Figure here

Steinberg’s Cubase 

With outstanding user reviews, Cubase is generally regarded as one of the best apps in the market.

It provides eight instruments, 90 audio effects, and 3400 sounds. Cubase even makes the process of composition easier with tools such as Chord Pad, Chord Track, and Chord Assistant. It also includes a VariAudio autotuner for harmony and autotunes effects.

Also, Cubase has plug-ins for reverbs, dynamics, delays, and modulation effects. With more and more features being added with every update, Cubase can be used by amateurs and professionals alike.

You can find Steinberg's Cubase here

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3 must-have gadgets for aspiring DJs

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Pocket operators are small, relatively cheap, handheld devices used for making electronic music. They look like calculators. However, in place of numbers, pocket operators have buttons that correspond to various sound effects.

A small LCD screen helps you choose and keep track of the sounds. By inserting effects, even simple patterns begin to grow into groovy beats. If you make a mistake, it’s easy to fix it without disturbing the rest of the line.

Numerous Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators models are available, including Rhythm, Arcade, Office, and Robot.

You can find Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators here

Novation Circuit

The function of a Novation Circuit is to make music without a computer. With a sleek, appealing aesthetic, the Novation Circuit would be a hit at any party. The controls are thoughtfully laid out, making the user interface as smooth as possible.

It comes with eight rotary encoders whose colours represent their functions. The intensity of the colour indicates the specific value of the function. As a result, users can get all the information they need at a glance and can improvise or course-correct on the go.

The Novation Circuit makes it easy to chain sequences together with a fluid arrangement of patterns and loop lengths. Moreover, you can quickly save a copy of your session to another slot and trigger it and when required.

You can find Novation here

Komplete Kontrol Keyboard

Of course, every great music career begins with a humble instrument. With semi-weighted keys and a FATAR keybed, the Kontrol offers a great feel. Each key also has a light that changes colour according to the function you’ve set it to, making it easier to keep tracks and switch up sound effects while playing.

Other cool features of this keyboard include the arpeggiator and the key disabler. That is, it can produce arpeggios even if you’re pressing only one key. This is extremely helpful when attempting to create layered loops. It can also disable the keys which aren’t a part of the scale you’re using.

It has excellent integration with DAWs like Logic and Ableton Live as well. The Kontrol Keyboards are made for both beginners and experts. A series is recommended for amateurs.

You can find Komplete Kontrol Keyboard here

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