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Top 7 apps that read your texts out aloud on Android and iOS

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Among several other chores in daily life, technology has made multi-tasking easier, and one such piece of tech that can help you be more productive is text-to-speech. If you’re tired of looking at the screen all day but still have to go through the text messages from friends, family and colleagues, while you rest or do something else, then the best way is to get them read out aloud.

Text-To-Speech apps allow users to easily listen to any document, mail, audiobook, eBook, and other things on your smartphone. Here is a list of the top seven apps that will read out texts aloud to you, and other things too, on Android as well as iOS.


Developer: Rob J  | Size: 7.4MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Top 7 apps that read your texts out aloud on Android and iOS The app reads the incoming SMS, announces the incoming callers’ name, sends voice reply for SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Gmail and Line and among other things. One of the coolest features of this app is that it can also understand common slang and acronyms and will read them too. For example ‘LOL’ would be translated to “laugh out loud”.

You can download ReadItToMe for Android here

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Out Loud

Developer: Hillman apps  | Size: 1.5MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Want to avoid reading useless notifications? Then make sure you use this app. But before using, make sure to customise it because you don’t want your friends or colleagues to know your private texts.

You can download Out Loud  for Android here


Developer: NaturalSoft Limited  | Size: 118.3MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. After downloading a voice you can listen to ebooks, webpages and PDFs imported for cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or just your local storage. You can use this app for multitasking while going for a run, commuting, or any household tasks.

You can download Natural Reader for iOS here

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Voice Dream Reader

Developer: Voice Dream LLC  | Size: 146.2MB | Price: $14.99. Users can adjust the size, font, spacing, and colour of the text displayed during playback. The best thing that the app has is that it highlights each word as it is spoken.

You can download Voice Dream Reader for iOS here

Speech Central

Developer: Labsee Doo Beograd | Size: 48.7MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. This app allows its users to adjust the voice pitch, alongwith the default 1x speed to be slightly either faster or slower. The app shows the text with a subtle coloured vertical line. You can even shuffle voices so that you don’t have to listen to many articles in a row read with the same synthesised voice.

You can download Speech Central for iOS here

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Voice Aloud Reader

Developer: Hyperionics Technology  | Size: varies by device | Price: Free with in-app ads. The app works well when it comes to URLs. All you need to do is paste the site’s or article’s address into the app, and it will automatically parse and read the appropriate text for you. The app is smart enough to strip out the menus and other junk.

You can download Voice Aloud Reader for Android here

Narrator’s Voice

Developer: Escolha Tecnologia | Size: 7.4MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. The fun part of using this app is that you can add various sound effects to speech syntheses such as echo, reverb, gargle and more. Users can also save their audio output file as an MP3, store it offline, and share it with friends.

You can download Narrator’s Voice for Android here.

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