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Top 7 alternatives for BeautyPlus on iOS

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While Beautyplus remains one of the first apps that anyone would refer you to to get help with editing selfies and other pics but recent events coupled by a wave of new apps doing the same things — even better in some cases — might’ve forced you to look for alternatives. The apps mentioned below are some fantastic apps for iOS users who are tired of using BeautyPlus features.

The government of India has banned the BeautyPlus app alongwith other Chinese apps over security concerns. So this is one more reason for iOS users in India to find a suitable alternative. To help you out and narrow your search, here we’ve listed the seven best alternatives for Beautyplus on iOS.


Developer: Snow Inc. | Size: 149.7 MB  | Price: Free

Several tools offered by the app, including AR makeup will create the best version of yourself; adding to the fantastic experience. The app provides custom looks for personal effects. It has a wonderful collection of stickers which are available as per the trend and the seasons. Snow gives you more creative editing tools besides the basic crop-rotate functionality.  

Download Snow app here

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YouCam Perfect

Developer: Perfect Mobile Corp. | Size: 170.1 MB  | Price: Free. Offers In-App Purchases

The app is an all-in-one package as it provides you with beauty effects, photo editing tools, makeup tools, seasonal stickers, and much more. It offers you fresh templates and frames too. If you are looking for an app that will remove things like blemishes, dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles from your face, then here is your perfect match The object remover feature of Youcam Perfect app lets you easily remove lines and objects from your image. 

Download YouCam Perfect app here


Developer: Retrica Inc | Size: 108.8 MB  | Price: Free. Offers In-App Purchases

You can create your strong, impactful image with the help of this filter camera app called Retrica. The apps filter called Univisium is quite popular among its users. The app has colour filters like hip, vintage, and retro, among 190 others. It also has some other features like timestamp, zoom blur effects, and much more.

Download Retrica app here

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Developer: Lightricks Ltd | Size: 210.9 MB  | Price: Free. Offers In-App Purchases

The app has great makeup editor, and you can give your selfie a retouch by adding personal glam. When you talk about correction features of this app, it provides teeth whitening, brightening your eyes, changing lighting conditions, as well as adjusting face contours from various sides. Pimples and blemishes from your selfies can be eliminated and app also provides the option for blurring the background. 

Download Facetune2 app here

Candy Camera

Developer: JP Brothers, Inc. | Size: 111.7 MB  | Price: Free

If you want your selfies to look impressive, then you should try the Candy Camera app which has a range of unique beauty filters. These real-time filters can also be tried at the time of clicking selfies. You can also try out makeup tools like concealer, lipstick, mascara, whitening, slimming, and much more. Seasonal stickers and artistic effects can be used to help your selfies stand out.  

Download Candy Camera app here

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Developer: Snap Inc | Size: 207.6 MB  | Price: Free. Offers In-App Purchases

Most of you might already be using this app as a way for messaging; however, you can also try out the filters that the app provides. The app is filled with thousands of filters and selfies. If you want, you can also create filters. New filters and lenses are added every day for you to create fabulous selfies. 

Download Snapchat app here


Developer: Snow Inc | Size: 148.6 MB  | Price: Free

The advanced facial recognition technology of this app ensures that the filters or makeup that you apply don’t look too fake. B612, like other apps, has a wide variety of stickers. Drawing effects, editing tools, and much more gives you a fantastic experience. You can take fun boomerang videos on this app. High-quality filters of this app can be applied to food, landscapes, selfies, or any occasion.

Download B612 app here

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