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Top 7 blogging platforms to help your content shine

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With a growing number of people joining the internet every day, especially ever since 3G and 4G technology made fast internet on mobiles a possibility, the popularity of blogging platforms have skyrocketed. We want a platform that takes care of formatting the content in the style of text and images. It should also provide a framework for getting the content onto a website, among other aspects, to personalise the blog further to meet your tastes.

Below we’ve mentioned the seven best blogging platforms that will suit your needs.


Top 7 cool Tumblr alternatives that get the work doneThis free blogging platform has an automatic Google Searching Index. It provides an option for the custom domain name. The platform is easy to use and provides its users with templates that can be flexibly modified. Since it is a Google product, it easily mingles with other Google products, including Google Analytics. Through the help of Google’s Adsense, you can display relevant ads to monetise your blog.

You can sign up for Blogger here

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This platform is easy to use, but at the same time, it provides many powerful options to its users. You don’t have to worry when it comes to themes because Wordpress offers hundreds of themes with flexibility in fonts and options for a customised look. Although a free platform, Wordpress also provides plans starting at for $4 per month billed annually, which removes all WordPress advertising, among other additional benefits.

You can sign up for Wordpress here


This free of cost platform has advanced features set. The content gets generated in TXT files and then get placed into folders. Some of the features of this platform are paginating posts, available plugins, templates, and community-maintained themes. It is also known for supporting blog migration from other platforms. The platform has community support, plus the work takes place in the Ruby development environment.

You can sign up for Jeykll here

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This platform is ideal for mobile. The platform claims a staggering 450+ million different blogs. The platform focuses more on shorter content, like just an image, or link, and it, therefore, appears as more of like a social media platform. Like social media users can follow other blogs and republish posts they like to their own blog. The platform is easy to use and is cost-free, but there is no way to monetise.

You can sign up for Tumblr here


This is a fully developed blogging platform, making it suitable for professional bloggers. The platform can publish from email, web browser, or mobile and offers tons of other flexibility. The platform integrates with Google Analytics. The platform supports design customisation with a Theme Builder for customising the look, creating your custom template or modifying a theme with custom CSS. After the 14-day trial, the platform has a plan of $8.95 per month for up to four blogs with unlimited storage.

You can sign up for Typepad here

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Medium was founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams, in August 2012. Since then, the blog hosting platform has published millions of articles from people of varying backgrounds — amateurs to professionals. Some of the features provided by Medium are sharing links, and the ability to set visibility, tags, and more for articles. It serves as a great medium for people who are passionate about writing. You can also follow your favourite author and might as well tag them in posts. Medium also has built-in stats for checking user engagement on posts.

You can sign up for Medium here


Posthaven has a pledge that states that the service will never get sold or acquired, ever. All you need to pitch is $5 per month. Some of the features of Posthaven are password-protected blogs, email notifications for blog activity, and posts having documents and audio/video content. People who want basic yet reliable service, as well as those who don’t mind paying without trial, can surely opt for Posthaven.

You can sign up for Posthaven here

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