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Top 7 camera apps for Android

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Cameras have become the centrepiece of smartphones over the past few years as with every launch of a new smartphone quality of the camera keeps on improving. Android phone users have greater flexibility to choose from the camera apps that are available to them. These camera apps have features like multiple shot modes, composition overlays, steady shot helpers, editing tools and post-processing special effects. Below mentioned are few fantastic apps that will help you to capture quality pictures of the precious moments you experienced.

Google Camera

The Google camera app allows its users to use various features like HDR+, Night Sight, and Super Res Zoom that will help to capture some super-sharp pictures.Top 7 camera apps for Android | Candid.Technology All you need is a reasonably new Nexus or Pixel device that runs Android Nougat or later. This app is free and brings you Google-centric features.

You can download Google Camera here

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Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX premium is loaded with features. The app offers a clean interface to its users along with features like multiple shot modes, such as burst, timed, voice-activated and a steady shot helper. Additional features like ISO, HDR, brightness, saturation, hardware button controls, composition overlays and more are also made available.

The app also provides you with photo editing tools that will help you to apply effects like colour transformations, tilt-shift and more. These can be displayed in real-time as you shoot or they can be applied later through after processing. The app is available on the Play store at INR 290.

You can download Camera Zoom FX Premium here

Camera MX

This point and shoot camera app is available for free on Play store. The app is packed with some extra features, special effects, and editing tools. A plethora of photo effects can be applied as well as previewed in real-time. This cool app provides you with powerful editing tools in its gallery for white balance, contrast, straightening and additional options.

You can download Camera MX here

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This free app comes with live image editing tools in its latest iteration. The app provides its users with cool stickers and filters, but alongwith that it also offers a variety of features like shot modes, tools, and settings for sprucing up your shots, such as tilt-shift blurs, a posterise, and more. The selfie camera mode available on this app helps you to bring out skin tone plus visual ambience, which gives you precisely a look and feel which you desire for your next portrait.

You can download Camera 360 here


The camera app from Perraco Labs is a feature-packed app available to its users which offers them a ton of shooting features furthermore camera controls in a single, convenient package. Some of the features that attract the users are live filters with real-time previews, panorama and hyper-lapse modes, a doc scanner, photo editor, and much more. The app also supports ads; however, if you subscribe to the premium, you can eliminate advertising plus the app unlocks all filters and photo resolutions. The premium pack also removes watermarks on live filters and GIFs, and there is no limit on recording time.

You can download Pixtica here

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Moment Pro

The app costs you INR 170 but its worth the money. It provides you with professional experience with tons of options for stickers and emojis. The app offers its users with fully manual camera controls for focus, ISO, shutter speed and much more. Users also get the option to shoot in RAW formats, a live histogram view for photo shooting, and other tools.

You can download Moment Pro here

Cymera Camera

Shoutout to all the selfie enthusiasts. This is the app made for them. Cymera Camera offers your basic tap-to-auto-focus approach and brightness controls and pinch-to-zoom. The app offers a standard mix of stickers and emojis to its users. The things which make the app unique is the range of transformation tools for enhancing your shots, like blemish concealers, stretch tools that will make you look taller or alter the shape of other parts of your body.

You can download Cymera Camera here

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