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Top 7 CamScanner alternatives

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CamScanner is a top-rated scanning app but was removed from PlayStore by Google as they found out that it introduced a malicious malware, which could display intrusive ads on Android smartphones. With Camscanner out of the picture, there must be some alternatives to get the work done.

To help you find the replacement for the app, here is a list of the top seven Camscanner alternatives. Read ahead to find out.

Adobe Scan

Top 7 CamScanner alternatives for Android and iOSAdobe Scan is of the best alternatives for CamScanner. Loaded with features, Adobe Scan can recognise the document it is scanning and can adjust the settings automatically according to it. It can identify and scan documents, receipts, ID cards, or any other paper document. The app also has settings for making the quality of scanned documents better. It can export the scanned documents in JPEG or PDF format without putting a watermark. Adobe Scan also has OCR, which can scan texts from a document.

You will need to create an account for using Adobe Scan.

You can find Adobe Scan here for Android/iOS.

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Microsoft Office Lens

Developed by Microsoft, Lens can capture pictures of documents, white/blackboards, receipts and converts them into editable documents. You can also save the images or documents you capture as a PDF or a Word document. You can also do multiple scans using the bulk mode. It can even recognise handwritten and printed texts using the OCR technique. The lens can also sync with OneDrive and OneNote, which increases its functionality.

You can find Microsoft Office Lens here for Android/iOS.


Evernote can be placed in the category of best scanning apps for iOS users. It has a very similar feature list to CamScanner but lacks OCR and annotation. Evernote scannable has smart edge detection and can crop the image automatically. The scanned documents can be exported as PDFs or as images. It has cloud integration, which allows you to share files with people without difficulty. For Android users, the scanning facility is available in the Evernote app itself.

You can find Evernote scannable here for Android/iOS.

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Notebloc is a good alternative for CamScanner as it includes all the features required and does the job of scanning documents well and creating high-quality scans. With smart edge detection, it also has OCR, batch scanning and cloud integration. It saves the scanned documents in the JPEG or PDF format. Notebloc works with the no watermark policy, which means the scans won’t be having a watermark on them, unlike some other scanners.

You can find Notebloc here for Android/iOS.


TapScanner is a powerful tool for scanning documents because of its powerful post-processing. When scanning a document, it captures three photos and creates a detailed scan. It also has several filters that can edit documents after they are scanned. It can save the scanned documents in JPEG, PDF, or PNG format. Tapscanner has OCR support, cloud integration, and automatic edge detection, batch scanning. You can also digitally sign PDF documents in Tapscanner.

You can find Tapscanner here for Android/iOS.

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Fast Scanner

Works exactly how the name suggests, Fast Scanner is a pretty quick app in terms of post-processing documents. It can scan all kind of documents such as notes, multiple pages and much more. It produces detailed scanned documents and saves it in JPEG or PDF format. You can also store scanned documents directly to the cloud or share it via email. Fast Scanner does not support OCR and batch scanning.

You can find Fast Scanner here for Android/iOS.


If you plan on scanning pictures instead of documents, go with PhotoScan. Developed by Google, this app specialises in scanning images without losing details. The scans are free of glares and use Google’s post-processing algorithm. It also has an edge detection and automatic crop feature. PhotoScan produces high quality and accurate colour scans. The only downside is its limited scope. This app is best suited only for images.

You can find Fast Scanner here for Android/iOS.

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