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Top 7 Carrom games for Android

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One of the best ways to escape the humdrum of daily life is to play some old-school board games and with almost every game available online, one of the favourites multiplayer board game, Carrom, has also made its way into the smartphone app ecosystem.

There are a lot of board games out there, but nothing beats the thrill of playing Carrom. Being a popular Indian board game, playing it will probably bring back some fond memories and since it’s available online, you can play it from anywhere anytime alongwith your friends.

However as is true for any other popular game, Carrom also has a lot of versions available on the Play Store. So, here we’ve narrowed down the choices for you to seven best Carrom games available for Android.

Carrom Pool

Developer: Miniclip | Size: 30MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. This is one of the best Carrom games out there with great controls and physics that make it is a delight to play. It offers a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with your friends around the globe. In addition to all this, the app offers an offline mode, which enables users to play the game even when not connected to the internet.

Click here to download Carrom Pool

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Carrom King 

Developer: Gametion Technologies | Size: 38MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. With over 25 million users, Carrom King is one great Carrom game on the Play Store. It offers multiplayer and online gaming and similar to Carrom Pool, it comes equipped with an AI-based computer opponent so you can pass the time even when you don’t have connectivity.

The app also offers points for trick shots, so being creative while getting that queen gets you brownie points.

Click here to download Carrom King

Carrom 3D

Developer: Zagmoid | Size: 4.5MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases.Another excellent option for all Carrom enthusiasts out there. Carrom 3D provides great graphics with intuitive controls. It offers bot players with three different difficulty settings so you can master those skill shots. With an interactive tutorial to help you with the gameplay, the game is straightforward to understand.

Carrom 3D also offers the multiplayer mode gameplay via Bluetooth connectivity, which means slow internet connectivity won’t bog down games at a gathering with friends.

Click here to download Carrom 3D

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Carrom 3D Free 

Developer: Eivaagames | Size: 26MB  | Price: Free.If you hate advertisements and want an uninterrupted gaming experience Carrom 3D is for you. With 30 challenge levels and four different modes, the game will keep you busy. It also features a time attack mode, so if you want to have a run against the time you can test yourself here.

Click here to download Carrom 3D Free

Real Carrom

Developer: Nextwave Multimedia | Size: 54MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. Real Carrom offers a great user interface and a set of intuitive controls. An accurate linear guide for shots sets the game apart from other alternatives. With real-time leaderboards the keeps the competition up and running.

Click here to download Real Carrom

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Carrom Clash Realtime Multiplayer Free Board Game

Developer: Nazara Games Ltd. | Size: 46MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. With over 100 levels, Carrom Clash will keep you busy. Great controls and graphics, the game is very refreshing. A variety of strikers unlocking at various levels, the game keeps changing with each passing level.

Click here to download the Carrom Clash

Carrom Friends

Developer: Nazara Games Ltd. | Size: 46MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. Carrom Friends lets you connect and play with your friends on Facebook. It also offers a 2v2 mode to create an even more competitive environment. The game also provides a facility to talk to your competitors. Carrom Friends is a great alternative and is very user friendly.

Click here to download Carrom Friends

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