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Top 7 cheapest smart TVs in India

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With technology getting increasingly cheaper and internet more accessible to people in India, it’s no surprise that the ‘smart’ appliance industry has picked up the pace.

In this article, we’re talking about the top seven cheapest smart TVs in India at the moment.

Amazon Basics 81cm Fire TV Edition LED TV

ManufacturerAmazon |  Price: INR 14,999 | Size: 81cm (32 inches)

Top 7 cheapest smart TVs in India | Candid.Technology

This is a very basic smart TV coming from Amazon Basics as the brand continues to aggressively enter even more avenues. 

You get a very well and evenly lit LED panel that has vibrant colours and Amazon’s  Fire TV integration built-in right out the box. However, even though the description reads HD ready, the resolution is only 1366×768 with a 60Hz refresh rate and 178-degree viewing angle. 

You can buy Amazon Basics 81cm Fire TV Edition LED TV here

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Mi TV 4A Pro 80cm

ManufacturerMi |  Price: INR 14,999 | Size: 80cm (32 inches)

Next up we have Mi’s 4A smart TV which runs on Android. Which means that the TV gets Android TV 9.0 and Google Assistant along with an entire suite of apps including the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+Hostar along with a bunch of other apps.

The panel is sharp enough, considering the TV runs 1366×768 on an 80 cm or 32-inch screen. There are also bigger sizes available if you’re willing to shell out a bit more cash.

You can buy the Mi TB A4 Pro here

Samsung 80cm Wondertainment Series HD TV

ManufacturerSamsung |  Price: INR 15,999 | Size: 80cm (32 inches)

A smart TV from Samsung’s camp, running their own proprietary ‘smart’ software with similar specs to the last two. However, you do get a year’s warranty on the TV and an extra year on the panel.

Speaking of which, the panel is evenly lit and sharp enough for the size. You will, however, be able to make out pixels if you have a sharp eye, considering the 1366×768 resolution. You do get Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and the other usual streaming apps.

You can buy Samsung 80cm Wondertainment Series HD TV here

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OnePlus Y Series HD Ready TV

ManufacturerOnePlus |  Price: INR 15,999 | Size: 80cm (32 inches)

The TV launched in 2020 itself and has been a  fan favourite amongst the Oneplus crowd. Even as a standalone product, they did an amazing job with the product.

The TV runs on Android but does work with Alexa products as well. You get Android TV 9, Google Assistant, a built-in chromecast, the Play Store and of course, Oneplus connect. 

You can buy OnePlus Y Series HD Ready TV here

VW 80 cm VW32Pro

ManufacturerVisio World |  Price: INR 11,290 | Size: 80cm (32 inches)

Coming by a relatively unknown brand, Visio World, the TV runs proprietary software but does deliver on all the essentials such as Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, a bunch of Indian news channels and other popular streaming platforms.

The panel isn’t exactly wonderful, coming in at a standard 1366×768 resolution at 60Hz, but for the price, it gets the job done rather well. 

You can buy VW 80 cm VW32Pro here

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eAirtec 102cm HD Ready Smart TV

ManufacturereAirtec |  Price: INR 14,700 | Size: 102cm (40 inches)

If you’re looking for maximum screen size in the minimum budget, you can pick this one up no questions asked. 

The TV is otherwise very generic in nature, coming in with proprietary local software which does cover the basics, but still is quite unpolished. Also, don’t expect it to be super sharp running 1366×768 on a 102cm screen.

You can buy eAirtec 102cm HD Ready Smart TV here

Panasonic 100cm Ful HD Android Smart TV

Manufacturer: Panasonic |  Price: INR 27,990 | Size: 100cm (40 inches)

While yes this is a tad bit more expensive than the other TVs on the list, this is the only and one of the best actual HD (1920×1080) TV in the market right now.

You also get Android TV 9, meaning Google Assistant support and access to the Play Store. The panel is quite well lit, bright, and thanks to the HD resolution, sharp as well. 

You can buy Panasonic 100cm Ful HD Android Smart TV here

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