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Top 7 Clean Master alternatives for Android

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Cleaning your phone from all the unnecessary junk, cache, and unused files or apps is a must if you’re a power user and keep on trying experimental features on your phone as well as newly released apps. Many prefer using the popular Clean Master but if that doesn’t work for you, here we’ve listed the seven best alternatives to Clean Master to help you keep your Android device clean.


Developer: Piriform Software Ltd | Size: 35MB  | Price: Free; offers in-app purchases

Top 7 Clean Master alternatives for Android | Candid.Technology

It is one of the most popular cleaning apps for PC and Mac, which is also available on Android. The app can clear all the unnecessary junk from your phone, which includes app cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content, and much more. The app can also monitor the temperature of your phone, check the RAM and CPU usage You can block the in-app ads by upgrading to the paid version of the app.  

Download the CCleaner app here

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Files by Google

Developer: Google LLC | Size: Varies with devices  | Price: Free

Though a file manager, it also lets you clean unnecessary files on your phone. It doesn’t have many cleaning options like other apps, but it is a good alternative. The app’s easy to use interface helps detects junk from applications, unused apps, large videos, large files, duplicates, and much more.

Download the Files app here

SD Maid

Developer: darken | Size: Varies with devices  | Price: Free; offers in-app purchases

This in-depth storage cleaning app not only cleans the usual cache and residue but also removes logs, crash reports, and other files that are created by the system. The app has a feature through which you can find duplicate images, music, or documents. Unnecessary databases and expandable files can be cleared via this app. The paid version will unlock features like automatic cleaning. The free version is ad-free too.. 

Download the SD Maid app here

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Norton Clean

Developer: Norton Labs | Size: 8.8 MB  | Price: Free

Sometimes uninstalled apps, unnecessary junk files, as well as obsolete Android Packages leave behind some residual cache files, which can be cleaned through this app. This app will identify apps which you rarely use and remove them, which will help you to reduce clutter and reclaim memory to store more. This app is free to use without any ads to hinder your experience.

Download the Norton Clean app

Avira Optimizer

Developer: Avira | Size: 10 MB  | Price: Free; offers in-app purchases

The app offers clean private data, which deletes browser history, call logs, texts, and clipboard content. You can clean cache, junk and temporary files using this app. Unnecessary background applications are closed down by the app so that your gaming experience can be improved. The built-in smart lock automatically password protects the screen as and when it is placed on a surface with the screen facing down or put in a pocket or bag. The app contains ads, and the paid version will unlock some cool additional features. 

Download the Avira Optimizer app here

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Safe Security

Developer: Safe Security Develop | Size: 26 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

This antivirus scanner app also has a garbage removal feature. This will help the users to optimise their devices and stay secure from malware. This antivirus engine comes with real-time protection.

Download the Safe Security app here


Developer: Super Speed. | Size: 16 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

To boost the performance of your phone, this app helps you to clean all the junk present on your phone. The app also offers features like storage optimiser, RAM cleaner, virus scanner, and much more. The app will also help you analyse and optimise the device.

Download the iClean app here

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