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7 best ESPN app alternatives

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If you follow multiple sports at a time, then you definitely need an app to keep you updated with the score. Scores are not the only thing which fans take a look at as they also like to know stats, videos, and news about player transfers and everything going on in the world of their favourite sport. Though ESPN is an amazing app, many other apps will help you to keep updated with your favourite sport. So, if ESPN isn’t working out for you or you just wish to try what others have to offer, here is a list mentioned of the seven best ESPN app alternatives on Android and iOS.


Developer: theScore | Size: and 42MB (Android); 148MB (iOS) | Price: Free.Top 7 ESPN app alternatives to keep the sports streamingThis app is excellent when it comes to checking out the scores. At the signup screen, it will ask the users to select their favourite league. On the next screen, the users can select their favourite teams from different teams. The app helps you keep updated with your favourite team and major news from other teams in the league or tournament too.

Download theScore app for Android here and iOS here

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Bleacher Report

Developer: Bleacher Report | Size: and 35MB (Android); 105.4MB (iOS) | Price: Free.

All the users need to do is to pick their favourites, and Team Stream delivers relevant, real-time notifications taken from numerous sources across the web. The app will provide its users with scores, stories, pictures and videos featuring your chosen clubs.

Download the Bleacher Report app for Android here and iOS here

Yahoo Sports

Developer: Yahoo | Size: Varies with devices (Android); 191.5MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases. The main aim of this app is to provide its users with the best and latest news, scores and statistics for their favourite sports. In the app, specific standouts are visible; they are an extremely detailed player, team and game statistics. The best and fantastic thing about this app is that it provides its users with customisable notifications that alert the users when the game starts, scoring plays, and close-game situations.

Download the Yahoo Sports app for Android here and iOS here

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Developer: Onefootball GmbH | Size: 12MB (Android); 103.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.This app is good at keeping track of individual players also. Just like the name suggests, this app is more inclined towards football. The app provides its users with in-depth knowledge about football with lots of news and videos.

Download the Onefootball app for Android here and iOS here


Developer: Flipps Media Inc. | Size: 12MB (Android); 99.4MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases.If you like contact sports like MMA, wrestling, boxing and others, then this is the app should be your go-to- It provides users with live streaming facilities, and you can also watch the replays.

Download the FITE app for Android here and iOS here

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The Athletic

Developer: The Athletic Media Company | Size: 9.4MB Android | Price: Free with in-app purchases. Watch about your team in-depth through this app without any ads or clickbait. This app brings a beautiful, clutter-free reading experience with unique analytical insights. You can read stories or read later or can even read them offline. The app has good UI and has an amazing design. It is available only for Android users.

Download the Athletic app here

CBS Sports App Scores & News

Developer: CBS Interactive | Size: 31MB (Android); 215.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free.This app provides its users with scores, updates, stats, news and analysis for the favourite sports teams and leagues of the users. This app also provides live streaming for the various sports events. The users also have access to an on-demand video of game highlights, expert analysis, and original video programs — all in just one app.

Download the CBS Sports app for Android here and iOS here

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