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Top 7 Face Swap apps for Android and iOS

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If you have a weird thought about how a dog’s face will look on your friend or your body or vice-versa or your face might look on your friend’s body among other crazy photo swapping ideas, there is an app out there for you too.

With advancements in smartphone camera tech, clicking great images and editing them has become a breeze. Hundreds of photo editing-related apps have also become available on the Play Store and App Store. If you’re looking to have some fun, here we’ve listed the top seven face-swapping apps available for Android and iOS users.


Developer: Picmax | Size: 9.1 MB | Price:  Free. Offers In-App Purchases

Top 7 Face Swap apps for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology

This app has a feature known as Paste Face which lets you extract a face from one picture and paste it into some other picture. You can also magnify images to cut them with more precision. After swapping the face, you can also add hilarious captions and stickers to the image. Once you cut the face, you can save it in the face gallery for future use too. You can share your pictures directly on various social media platforms.

Download the Cupace app here

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Developer: FaceApp Inc | Size: 143.1 MB (iOS); 30 MB (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers In-App Purchases

This app got quite famous after its release. In this app, you can change your gender, hair colour, add glasses, look older or younger. This app also provides you with some basic beautification tools. Besides face swapping and a beautification app, it is also an amazing video editor.  Take Insta-worthy pictures through this app and edit it by removing blemishes, smoothing wrinkles, adding wrinkles, and much more.

Download the FaceApp for iOS here
Download the FaceApp for Android here

Face Swap Live

Developer: Laan Consulting Corp | Size: 109.3 MB | Price:  INR 89

Switch faces in real-time. Switch face with friends, celebrities, or random faces from the internet. The app has a built-in library that has 25 effects of trying out: mix and match moustache, beard, glasses, hats, and many other things. The app also has a variety of face masks like a lion mask, Santa mask, Beyonce mask, and tons more. You can change to baby face, kitten face, and many more faces. You can also make your eyes and mouth bigger. iOS users can try this app out. 

Download the Face Swap Live app here

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Face Swap App

Developer: Brain Craft Ltd | Size: 16.3 MB | Price:  Free. Offers In-App Purchases

Use this app with the utmost ease. It automatically detects faces, which makes this app amazing. It is a perfect app for clicking group photos and swapping multiple faces.  You can also hare images directly to your social media account.

Download the Face Swap App here

Face Blender

Developer: xApps | Size: 19 MB | Price:  Free

Choose an existing photo or take a selfie and then select face from more than 100 available templates. The app has an automatic face detection feature which makes it easy and simple to use this app. You can blend into template real quick without spending time on figuring it controls. 

Download the Face Blender app here

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Face Swap Booth

Developer: Revosoft Technologies Pty Ltd | Size: 47.1 MB (iOS); 15 MB (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers In-App Purchases

This app has some amazing tools and lets you swap between different photos. You can also adjust the skin tone so that the final output looks authentic. It also has auto face detection feature. This app has some advanced tools that let you get perfect pictures. You can also swap your faces with that of celebrities. If you don’t want to swap the entire face, then you are allowed to swap some parts of your face using this app too. 

Download the Face Swap Booth app for iOS here
Download the Face Swap Booth app for Android here


Developer: Snap, Inc. | Size: 206.8 MB (iOS); 64 MB (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers In-App Purchases

Snapchat is a pretty famous social media platform which also offers face-swapping. There are various filters available on this app where you can turn yourself into an infant, dog, rabbit, and much more. You can also change your voice in a few of the filters. There are tons of stickers available for you to use. There are filters based on location. You also get to access some amazing effects. Cutting and pasting face from one image to another image can be done with ease. 

Download the Snapchat app for iOS here
Download the Snapchat app for Android here

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