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Top 7 foldable phones

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Foldable phones have become incredibly popular in the mobile industry, and it’s easy to see why. They provide a special blend of convenience and capability, making them perfect for users who want the best of both worlds. However, figuring out which suits your needs can be challenging, given the abundance of foldable phones available.

We have put this list of the top 7 foldable phones based on price, performance, camera quality, and design.

Google Pixel Fold

Price: $1799 at Google


  • Slim design, whether folded or unfolded
  • Among the top-notch foldable cameras available
  • Unmatched Pixel software


  • Noticeable crease on the inner display
  • Unusual approach to app support
  • It comes with a hefty price tag

The design of Google’s first foldable phone comes close to perfection, providing a versatile combination of displays suitable for various scenarios. The 5.8-inch outer screen is spacious enough for regular phone tasks, and when unfolded, it reveals a 7.8-inch display that offers a larger canvas without being awkward to navigate.

This phone’s thinness adds to its appeal. When unfolded, it measures just 5.3mm; when folded, it’s 12.2mm. While it doesn’t fold completely flat, this minor inconvenience won’t significantly impact your daily use.

Beyond its innovative folding design, the Google Pixel Fold delivers a solid overall experience, typical of the Google Pixel brand. This includes a powerful camera system. The main 48MP camera provides versatility for capturing great shots, and the 10.8MP 5x telephoto lens stands out as one of the impressive lenses on a foldable device. This telephoto lens excels at capturing sharp close-ups and producing accurate bokeh effects.

SpecsPixel Fold
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G2
Internal Display7.6 inches
External Display5.8 inches
CameraMain Camera: 48 MP,10.8 MP (telephoto), 10.8 MP(ultra wide)
Selfie Camera: 8MP, Cover Camera 9.5 MP
Battery 4821 mAh
MeasurementUnfolded: 139.7 x 158.7 x 5.8 mm
Folded: 139.7 x 79.5 x 12.1 mm
Buy at Google store

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OnePlus Open

Price: 1499 at OnePlus

Source: OnePlus


  • Sturdy, foldable hardware with hardly noticeable display crease
  • Specialised foldable camera technology
  • Distinctive Open Canvas multitasking software
  • Genuine fast charging capabilities


  • IPX4 water resistance is not top-notch
  • Still relatively heavy at 245g

Unlike the Z Fold 5 and Pixel Fold, which have either a tall-and-narrow or short-and-squat cover display, the OnePlus Open features a regular 6.3-inch 20:9 display with top-notch features from a flagship screen. This includes an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, a peak brightness of 2800 nits, and a high-resolution display.

The 7.86-inch OLED panel is a pleasure to use, enhanced by OnePlus’ unique Open Canvas multitasking software, allowing you to use three apps in full-screen mode effortlessly.

The camera setup features a trio of rear lenses specifically designed for foldable. The 48MP primary and ultrawide sensors and the 64MP periscope lens deliver strong performance at various zoom levels, up to 25x. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, equipped with fast 67W SuperVOOC charging (charger included) and features OnePlus’ signature volume slider.

SpecsOnePlus Open
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Internal Display7.82 inches
External Display6.31 inches
CameraMain Camera: 48 Mp, 64 MP (telephoto), 48 MP (ultrawide)
Selfie Camera: 20 MP, Covera Camera 32 MP
Battery4805 mAH
MeasurementUnfolded: 153.4 x 143.1 x 5.8 mm
Folded: 153.4 x 73.3 x 11.7 mm
Buy at OnePlus

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Price: $891 at Amazon

Source: Amazon


  • Spacious 7.6-inch foldable screen
  • The most powerful among foldable phones
  • Improved app support compared to other book-style foldable


  • Strong resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • The camera setup remains identical

Samsung’s latest flagship foldable, the Z Fold 5 closely resembles the Z Fold 4, sharing the same overall design, cameras, battery life, and charging speeds. However, notable improvements include a redesigned hinge that finally allows the Fold 5 to close seamlessly without any awkward gaps.

Equipped with the high-end custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset. This chipset effortlessly handles demanding tasks like high-end gaming and split-screen multitasking during our testing. With a 4400mAh battery, the Z Fold 5 can comfortably last through a day without the need for frequent charging. However, the 25W charging speed could be faster. The device features two OLED displays: a smaller 6.1-inch outer panel and a larger 7.6-inch internal one.

SpecsGalaxy Z Fold 5
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Internal Display7.6 inches
External Display6.2 inches
CameraMain Camera: 50 Mp, 10 MP (telephoto), 12 MP (ultrawide)
Selfie Camera: 4 MP, Covera Camera 10 MP
Battery4400 mAh
MeasurementUnfolded: 154.9 x 129.9 x 6.1 mm
Folded: 154.9 x 67.1 x 13.4 mm
Buy at Amazon

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Motorola Razr+ 2023

Price: $699 at Amazon

Source: Amazon


  • Spacious and practical cover screen
  • Barely noticeable crease
  • Slim design
  • Main display boasts bright and vivid visuals with a 165Hz refresh rate


  • Cameras frequently rely on night mode
  • Battery life is satisfactory but not exceptional

Opting not to release the Motorola Razr (2022) in the U.S. last year, Motorola has made a strong comeback to North America with the Motorola Razr+. This device features a 3.6-inch, 144Hz OLED display on the outside. On the inside, a sizable 6.9-inch OLED panel with a 165Hz refresh rate provides an expansive viewing experience, although the Razr+ adopts a taller aspect ratio than most phones.

However, the Razr+ falls short in terms of performance. Equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a year old upon the Razr+’s release in June 2023, the phone is sufficiently powerful for everyday use. An area of concern, though, is the use of UFS 3.1 for storage instead of the latest 4.0 standard.

Despite this, the Razr+ offers advantages like fast charging and a 3,800 mAh battery. The cover screen allows for selfies with the main camera array. The adjustable hinge also transforms the Razr+ into a convenient and ever-present tripod.

SpecsRazr+ 2023
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Internal Display6.9 inches
External Display3.6 inches
CameraMain Camera: 12 MP, 13 MP (ultrawide)
Selfie Camera: 32 MP
Battery3800 mAh
MeasurementUnfolded: 170.8 x 74 x 7 mm
Folded: 88.4 x 74 x 15.1 mm
Buy at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Price: $657 at Amazon

Source: Amazon


  • Stylish appearance with a seamless fold and no visible gap
  • Robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset
  • Significantly improved 3.4-inch cover display for enhanced usability


  • Uses the same 12MP cameras as the Z Flip 4
  • Average battery life, even for a foldable device
  • Limited functionality in the software for the cover display

Compared to last year’s Z Flip 4, the Z Flip 5 offers a significantly improved cover display experience. Now at 3.4 inches, the cover display occupies much of the foldable’s exterior panel and introduces new functionality.

The waterdrop hinge enhancement allows the Z Flip 5 to achieve a flat closure for the first time. Additionally, it features the same custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy as the Z Fold 5, making it notably more powerful than other clamshells currently on the market.

The dual 12MP sensors on the lid remain largely unchanged for the second consecutive year. While they perform well, they start to show their age compared to other foldable camera setups. Battery life could be more robust, matching the Z Flip 4’s 3,700mAh cell despite having a larger exterior panel to power this time.

SpecsGalaxy Z Flip 5
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Internal Display6.7 inches
External Display3.4 inches
CameraMain Camera: 12 MP, 12 MP (ultrawide)
Selfie Camera: 10 MP
Battery3700 mAh
MeasurementUnfolded: 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.9 mm
Folded: 85.1 x 71.9 x 15.1 mm
Buy at Amazon

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Oppo Find N2 Flip

Price: $1044 at Amazon

Source: Amazon


  • Most budget-friendly clamshell foldable available
  • Smooth folding mechanism without any visible gaps
  • Battery lasts throughout the day
  • Versatile folding design


  • Performance falls slightly short of flagship standards
  • Lower water resistance compared to competitors
  • The software requires some adjustments
  • Foldable display tends to attract fingerprints

Like more premium foldables, the Find N2 Flip can close completely flat without any gap. The device boasts a substantial 3.45-inch cover display, providing a full camera preview compared to cropped views on other foldable and access to widgets specifically designed for Oppo’s cover display.

It’s important to highlight that the Find N2 Flip features an effective hinge system, incorporating the new Flexion hinge. This innovative design reduces the crease by an impressive 60% compared to the original Oppo Find N. The outcome is a crease that is hardly noticeable when viewed directly.

The camera setup is decent, comprising a primary 50MP snapper and an 8MP ultrawide, with the added perk of shooting in 4K@60fps, which is especially useful in the phone’s special camcorder mode. With high-level performance from a Dimensity 9000+, a 4300mAh battery provides genuine all-day usage.

SpecsFind N2 Flip
ProcessorMediatek Dimensity 9000+
Internal Display6.8 inches
External Display3.2 inches
CameraMain Camera: 50 MP, 8 MP (ultrawide)
Selfie Camera: 32 MP
Battery4300 mAh
MeasurementUnfolded: 166.2 x 75.2 x 7.5 mm
Folded: 85.5 x 75.2 x 16 mm
Buy at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Price: $1524 at Amazon

Source: Amazon


  • Remains highly capable in 2023
  • Considerably more affordable than the Fold 5
  • Comparable overall display resolution and refresh rate to the Fold 5


  • Cameras exhibit noticeable weaknesses compared to the Fold 5
  • Hinge lacks the sturdiness of the Fold 5
  • Availability as a new product is challenging

Even in 2023, the Fold 3 is an exceptional foldable phone, offering an alternative to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, especially for those not overly particular about camera quality. The displays are nearly identical in specifications, with the Fold 5 having a slightly wider screen. The hinge mechanism, speakers, S Pen support, and software experience are virtually identical.

The primary distinction lies in the chipset, as the Fold 3 runs on the almost two-year-old Snapdragon 888, and the camera setup, which, although a bit dated with 12MP lenses, still delivers decent performance but may struggle with sharp night shots.

If price is the primary factor, and the choice is between Fold 3 and Fold 5, Fold 3 offers great value. However, with the Z Fold 4 becoming more affordable with the release of the Z Fold 5, it becomes a budget option, retailing for as low as $1,300 on Samsung’s website. For those willing to invest a bit more, the Z Fold 4 provides an attractive alternative at a price lower than the Z Fold 5.

SpecsGalaxy Z Fold 3
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 888
Internal Display7.6 inches
External Display6.2 inches
CameraMain Camera: 12 Mp, 12 MP (telephoto), 12 MP (ultrawide)
Selfie Camera: 4 MP, Covera Camera 10 MP
Battery4400 mAh
MeasurementUnfolded: 158.2 x 128.1 x 6.4 mm
Folded: 158.2 x 67.1 x 14.4-16 mm
Buy at Amazon

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