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Top 11 free movie apps and websites

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The popularity of streaming services has been increasing with the growing internet connectivity, affordability and speeds, that translate into more watching time. Moreover, due to the on-the-demand nature of such streaming services, people are also swaying away from traditional cable and want to have more control over the content they watch. If you’re looking for a movie app or website that offer streaming for free, here is a list of some apps and websites that will help you to watch movies.


Developer: Google LLC | Size: Varies with device (for Android) 204.9MB (for iOS) | Price: Free. It is the best platform that will help you watch movies. A lot of films are updated on Youtube by various production companies. The videos are officially available to view. The app allows you to stream in high HD quality.

Download the Youtube app for Android here and iOS here.

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Google Play Movies & TV

Developer: Google LLC | Size: Varies with device (Android); 84.2MB (iOS) | Price: Free.

This app is dedicated to buying and renting movies. It also offers limited-time renting offers. All the movies and TV shows on this app are legal. You can also buy or rent movies using Play credits.

Download the Google Play Movies & TV app for Android here and iOS here.


Developer: Tubi Inc | Size: 14MB (Android) 77.4MB (iOS) | Price: Free.All the popular shows and films can be watched freely and legally on this app, which is updated every week with various shows and movies so that you don’t run out of options.

Download the Tubi app for Android here and iOS here.

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Developer: Viewlift Inc | Size: Varies with devices (Android) 105.6MB (iOS) | Price: Free. Since this app is supported by Android TV, if you have a smart TV then you can download the app and watch it on television. It offers more than 5000 movies, documentaries, and shows and adds more content every month, so you’ll never run out of things on your plate.

Download the Snagfilms app for Android here and iOS here.


Developer: Viewster | Size: 21MB | Price: Free. This app not only lets you watch shows and movies but also anime. There is no need for you to sign up; you can just start watching. Similar to Youtube, Viewster also offers a watch later feature.

Download the Viewster app here.

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Developer: Screen Media Ventures, L.L.C.| Size: 21MB (Android) 60.1MB (iOS) | Price: Free.You can watch full-length movies on this app wthout any fees or subscription. The app has more than 700 movies available with no limit to the number of movies one can watch. This app supports ads, but its better to bear with ads rather than spending money.

Download the Popcornflix app for Android here and iOS here.


Developer: Sony Pictures Television | Size: Varies with devices (Android); 82MB (iOS) | Price: Free. To watch Hollywood movies and tv show, this is a fantastic app. Its content is free to watch. If you sign up, then you have a lot of personalised options such as syncing the last play progress or a playlist. In case you switch devices, then the synced data will not break the flow.

Download the Crackle app for Android here and iOS here.

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Movies & TV Shows

Developer: Screen Media Ventures, LLC | Size: 34.9MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. You can watch short films and documentaries on this app. It has more than 1000 movies to watch. The app has more independent movies. Films of different genres are available on this app. It is updated with new content every week.

Download the Movies & TV Shows app here.


Developer: Ellation, Inc. | Size: Varies with devices (Android) 77.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases. This is an amazing app for anime lovers. It has more than 25000 episodes. The videos are free to watch, but you can also upgrade to premium if you want. With the premium access, you can instantly view the updated episodes. It is free for all platforms.

Download the Crunchyroll app for Android here and iOS here.

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Developer: Novi Digital | Size: Varies with devices (Android); 205.5MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases. You can download movies and start watching it. It is available in different languages. You get to watch Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and much more. There is an option of premium which brings HBO and Hotstar originals.

Download the Hotstar app for Android here and iOS here.

Airtel Xstream

Developer: Bharti Airtel Limited | Size: Varies with devices (Android) 109.9MB (iOS) | Price: Free with in-app purchases. It has a large number of movies available form Hollywood to Bollywood. If you already have a data plan from the company, then you don’t need any monthly subscription — it comes bundled.

Download the Airtel Xstream app for Android here and iOS here.

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