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Top 7 Graphics Cards under INR 5000

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A graphics card or GPU is the most important component of your PC should you decide to run any heavy multimedia such as gaming or 4k video. Having a good GPU can not only give you some really nice FPS during gaming sessions, but it’ll also take off a lot of processing load from your CPU.

The downside is cost. Good GPUs are really heavy on the wallet. If you decide to go with the latest and greatest, you’ll pile yourself a high bill real quick.

However, not everyone is looking for a top-of-the-line gaming PC. For those of you who’re looking for a slight performance bump and are a bit casual about their K/D ratios, here are seven GPUs under INR 5000.

P.S GPUs are expensive and as unfortunate as it is, there’s no way around this. These GPUs won’t be able to give you top of the line performance. Instead, these are meant as small upgrades to older/mid-spec PCs to keep them alive.

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MSI GeForce GT 710

Price: INR ~3000

The GeForce GT is a tiny card that packs in quite a punch. You get 2 gigs of DDR3 graphics memory clocked at 810MHz along with the GT 610 graphics engine. The card has an HDMI and a DVI port for connectivity.

Top 7 cheap Graphics Cards under INR 5000 that get the work done

Now while this isn’t exactly mind-boggling by modern standards, considering that you can pick this card up at for only around INR 3000 makes this a good deal. Older games will run without any problems and you should be able to run some modern titles at low settings as well. However, take that with a pinch of salt.

One benefit is that it runs with a heatsink rather than a fan. So if you’re a fan of fan-less systems (see what I did there), this is worth checking out.

You can buy the MSI GeForce GT 710 at Amazon here

Galax GeForce GT 1030 EXOC White 

Price: INR 5000

The GT 1030 is the lowest in the line of the previous generation 10-series GPUs by Nvidia. In fact, it doesn’t even qualify for the GTX tag that separates Nvidia’s gaming card lineup.

However, it’s still a decent card. You get 2GB of SDDR4 memory clocked at 1151MHz base and with 64-bit memory bus. There is an HDMI port and a DVI one for connectivity.

The biggest advantage here is for older PCs as the card doesn’t require PCIe power. You can just plug it into your old power supply and you’re good to go. Also, the half-height, single-slot profile will help in fitting this card into smaller cabinets.

You can buy the Galax GeForce GT 1030 EXOC White on Amazon here

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Price: INR 5000

A bit of an upgrade from the last one, Asus’s Arez card is based on the Radeon RX-550 and delivers excellent performance for the price.

You get 2 gigs of DDR5 graphics memory clocked at 6000MHz, a 64-bit memory bus, DirectX12 support, freesync and 4k support as well. Now sure this won’t be able to tear through any game you throw at it but that feature list is impressive for the price.

You have the standard HDMI and DVI ports for connectivity. The size is a bit weird, so you might have issues fitting this card if you have a particularly narrow case, otherwise, it makes for a solid sell.

You can buy the Asus Arez-PH-RX550 on Amazon here

Leoie Independent GTX750Ti

Price: INR 3000

We’re wading into the ‘China’ territory here. The card is based on the Nvidia GTX 750Ti and promises some pretty impressive performance.

So you get 2GB DDR5 graphics memory clocked at 650MHz. There arīe DirectX12 support, 64-bit memory lane and PCIe Express 2.0 as well. With these specs, you should have some fairly decent GPU performance at hand.

There is an HDMI, a DVI and a VGA port for connection, so I guess its got you covered on the connectivity front for sure. Apart from that, if the card actually turns out to be exactly as advertised, it’s a pretty good deal.

You can buy the Leoie Independent GTX750Ti on Amazon here

Gigabyte GeForce GV-N730SL

Price: INR 5000

Another Nvidia card on the list, this one’s based on the GT 730.


Again, you get 2 gigs of DDR5 memory clocked at 902MHz with a 64-bit memory bus. You’ll also get DirectX12 support, dual-link DVI-D/HDMI/D-Sub and it has PCIe Express 2.0 support as well. However, you will need a 300 watt+ power supply to run this card properly.

On the performance front, expect decent mid-range performance. You might even be able to touch modern AAA titles with low settings on a lower resolution.

You can buy the Gigabyte GeForce GV-N730SL on Amazon here

Sapphire Radeon R5 230

Price: INR 2800

Here’s one on the lower end of the spectrum. And by the lower end, I mean literally, the lower end.


You get a staggering 2 gigs of DDR3 memory clocked at 625MHz. There’s a DVI, HDMI and a VGA port for connectivity and that’s pretty much it. Don’t expect much out of this card. It’s meant as a means to keep your dusty old dying PC alive.

The card itself is obsolete. However, if you can manage to find drivers for it and get it running, there’s still some punch left in it. But hey, this one is as cheap as graphics cards get.

You can buy the Sapphire Radeon R5 230 here

Inno3D GT710

Here’s another one based on the GT 710. This one is a bit cheaper, however.

The spec sheet is pretty much the same. You get 2GB of DDR3 graphics memory clocked at around 700 MHz. This one’s far from modern but will get the job done especially for older PCs. If you’re looking for something very basic and very cheap that can do some light weight lifting or run two monitors, this one’s it.

You can buy the Inno3D GT710 on Amazon here

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