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Top 8 Instagram video and stories downloaders

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The most loved photo-sharing social media platform is none other than Instagram. Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012, and since then the platform has increasingly added features that made a favourite among the users — which a lot of times included blatant duplication of Snapchat’s features, including the popular Instagram story.

Stories feature was launched in August 2016, which helps users to post videos and photos, which vanishes after 24 hours. Instagram doesn’t allow users to download videos and stories posted by users. Thus to download these kinds of stuff, there are numerous apps available so that one can easily download stories and videos.

The below-mentioned list consists of some of the apps which are available for iOS, Android and PC users that will help you download stories and videos from Instagram.

Disclaimer: Before you go ahead with the list, you should know that several videos might be the intellectual property of an individual, company or organisation, and copying videos as such can result in a copyright violation. Candid.Technology condemns piracy in any form. The videos downloaded via the downloaders mentioned below should only be used for non-commercial activities such as academic presentations, lectures or as a reference with full credits given to the original source in your preferred format. You can also use the videos with permission from the owner. We recommend you to check Instagram’s Terms of Service for precise information about what could count as copyright infringement on their platform.

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Instant Save

Top 8 Instagram video and stories downloaders for Android, iOS and PCAs the name suggests, you can instantly download photos and videos from Instagram directly to your gallery. All you need to do is copy the image or video URL and then paste it on this app. It will instantly download and save it to your gallery. The con of this app is that it may slow down your phone. The app doesn’t violate the copyright of the owner as it adds credit to the image or the video. This app is available for iOS users.

You can find Instant save here.


One of the fantastic apps available to download videos, photos, and Instagram stories is the FastSave app. The video and photos after being downloaded can also be viewed when offline. There is no watermark on the video or photo after it is downloaded. This app allows you to download unlimited photos and videos from Instagram. The app is available for Android as well as iOS users.

You can find FastSave here.

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IV Saver Photo Video Download

Automatic downloading of videos and photos is allowed by this app. You need to click on ‘copy share URL’ which will lead to the automatic download of pictures and videos. One of the notable features of this app is that it doesn’t require login. All android users can try this app out.

You can find IV Saver Photo Video Download here.

Video Downloader for Instagram

This app is also one of the top video and photo downloaders that gets your work done in a single click. Android users should undoubtedly take advantage of this app. All the photos and videos that you want to download from Instagram can be saved onto your device easily.

You can find Video Downloader here.

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Tired of reloading photos and videos again and again from Instagram? Download this app so that there is no more need for reloading Instagram. The videos and photos can be downloaded and saved to your gallery. You can also share these downloaded videos and pictures. These photos and videos can also be reposted. All the Android users can try this app out to enjoy its cool features.

You can find InstaGet here.


Instagram is not only available on mobile phones but also on PC. One may want to download videos and photos from Instagram and save it on their PCs. To cater to this need, DownloadGram is available to PC users. Copy the URL of the photo or video, DownloadGram creates MP4 link, and then the targeted file is directly sent to the gallery.

You can find DownloadGram here.

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Story Saver for Instagram

This app is available to Android users. This app makes it easy to download the story. Log in to this app using your Instagram account. Search for the story that you want to save. Then tap on the photo or the video and tap on the save button and you are done. The photo or video is downloaded. This is what you call a user-friendly app.

You can find Story Saver here.

Story Downloader

To download stories from Instagram so that you can save it on your PC, download this app. Visit the profile of the person whose story you want to download. Then click on download for downloading the story and you are done. If you are thinking of downloading stories regularly, then you may also install the browser plugin.

You can find Story Downloader here.

All the apps are amazing to download photos, videos, and stories from Instagram. They are user-friendly and can be installed easily. So whether you are iOS user, Android user or a PC user, apps mentioned above will surely help you out.

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