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7 best iOS 14 Home Screen widgets you should try out now

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With the launch of iOS 14, a feature has been added on the home screen known as widgets. Widgets provide you with easy access to information regarding the apps.  You can now add Widgets in different sizes and arrange them as per your choice on the home screen.

If you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 14 and want to make the most out of the new home screen experience, here are seven fantastic apps that should be added to your iPhone’s widgets now.


Developer: Cross Forward Consulting LLC | Size: 17.4 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

7 best iOS 14 Home Screen widgets you should try out now

You can count your steps through this app when you download it and also keep track of your daily or weekly steps by using your iPhone as a step counter. All you need to do is make sure that the iPhone is on as you move and should be ideally kept in the trousers, ideally near your hips. The Show More button will give you a graph of the steps taken by you. Pedometer++ collaborates with the Health app to collect and display your data. You can view the data through a widget or Apple Watch.

Download the Pedometer++ app here

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Developer: Kushagra Agarwal | Size: 127.3 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

This meditation app will help you get through the day. It keeps a track of your sleep cycle, exercises, and much more. Some amazing background ambience is created for your mindful breathing. Based on your sleeping schedule, this app gives you breathing tips as soon as you launch the app. Track your progress directly from your Home Screen. You can also sync this app with Apple Health.

Download the Unwind app here


Developer: Robinhood Markets Inc | Size: 210.1 MB  | Price: Free

This app helps you understand financial markets so that you can invest in stocks, options, funds, and much more. Get access to real-time data market before you decide to invest. You also get notified about important events. You are allowed to customise notifications and news. You can trust this app as it ensures to protect the users’ personal information and assets by using cutting-edge security measures. You can now easily keep track of your investments with widgets.

Download the Robinhood app here

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Developer: Flexibits Inc | Size: 120.5 MB  | Price: Free.  Offers in-app purchases

View date, important events, calendar, weather, upcoming events, and much more in Widgets using Fantastical. One of the fantastic features of this app is that it automatically sets the alarm for your new events. You can easily add tasks by just starting your sentence with “remind me, task, reminder”. It is the award-winning calendar app that is clean and easy to use. A three-day weather forecast by AccuWeather is provided.

Download the Fantastical app here


Developer: Cromulent Labs Inc | Size: 96.6 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

Launcher, unlike other apps, provides you to launch multiple apps by a quick tap. Customised actions can appear in widgets, for example messaging or calling a specific person. You can customise your iPhone’s icons and background. You can run the launchers by your voice through Siri. One Tap launcher will help you with WiFi, Cellular Data, Do Not Disturb mode, Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode, and much more.

Download the Launcher app here

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PDF Expert

Developer: Readdle Inc | Size: 293.6 MB  | Price: Free.  Offers in-app purchases

You can quickly jump to Favourite Files, recent folders, and much more just from your Home Screen using this app widget. This app completes PDF tasks efficiently. You can mark important information through available tools like the highlighter, underline, strikethrough, and much more. Selected text can be read out loud using Text to Speech feature. Drawing through the help of your fingers or Apple Pencil is allowed on this app.

Download the PDF Expert app here

Period Plus Fertility Tracker

Developer: Shane McLean | Size: 73.2 MB  | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

Track your period cycles through this great app. Know when your period is about to start, when it ended, and many other things. If you are someone who tends to forget such dates, then you should try out this app. The app also keeps track of your Breast tenderness, Alcohol Consumption, Exercise, Intimacy, Cramp intensity, Period duration, colour, and its intensity, duration, and much more. With the Home Screen widgets brought by iOS 14, you can add this app on the home screen widget so that you can easily get the view of your cycles without even opening the app.

Download the Period Plus app here

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