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7 best podcast apps for Android and iOS

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Podcasts are a great way to soak yourself in some content whether if you’re on the go or when you’re relaxing.
In recent times the podcast culture has seen an increase in new programs on various genres form many famous artists.
There are many podcast apps you can download to enjoy some quality content; here are seven of our best podcast apps you can download and start listening today.

Radio Public

7 best podcast apps for Android and iOS | Candid.Technology

Price: Free(Ad-supported)

Radio Public is a beautifully designed podcast app which offers content from over 300,000 podcasts channels with over 15 million episodes for you to choose from. It does not require a login so you can jump in and start listening right away.

Download it here for Android and IOS

Pocket Casts

Price: Paid/Free(Ad-supported)

Pocket Casts is an excellent app for those who are longtime listeners; it offers unique features such as volume boost, chapter navigation, multi-device support, and apple watch controls too.

Download it here for Android and IOS


Price: Paid/Free(Ad-supported)

CastBox is one of the most popular podcast apps on this list. CastBox offers over 1 million podcasts channels for you to explore. CastBox offers Content in 70 different languages from 16 different categories so, there’s something for everyone.

Download it here for Android and IOS


Price: Paid/Free(Ad-supported)

Podbean started as a podcast hosting company and are now offering a podcasting app which is easy to use and navigate. It is also a great podcast hosting service if you have something to share with the world.

Download it here for Android and IOS


Price: Paid/Free(Ad-supported)

Not only does Stitcher offers some quality content with a well-designed interface where you can look for specific episodes, create a playlist and find new podcasts for $4.99/mo it also offers some original shows too.

Download it here for Android and IOS

TuneIn Radio

Price: Paid/Free(Ad-supported)

TuneIn radio is a popular podcast app which offers sports podcasts such as MLB, NBA, and NFL with their premium subscription service. The app also works well with Apple CarPlay, Apple watch, and Chromecast.

Download it here for Android and IOS

Google Podcasts

Price: Free

Google Podcasts is Google’s take on the podcast arena; it is a simple but efficient podcast app not to mention the minimalistic interface which comes handy while going through their offerings.

Download it here for Android

Podcasts are underrated in my opinion. They can serve as a more intimate, casual form of content from your favourite artist and since they are in an audio format, you can flexibly consume them even while you’re preoccupied. We hope that this article would help you get into the world podcasts.

Mani Maaran

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