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Top 7 Quora alternatives to find answers to your questions

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Quora is a widely known website for question-and-answer requirements. It is a platform that empowers people with knowledge. Users come to Quora to ask questions about any topic and get relevant, customised answers from experienced people.

However, there are other such platforms which provide similar services, and in this article, we take a look at the best alternatives to Quora.


Started in 2003, Answerbag is a website based on the Q&A format. People post all sorts of questions, and others answer them to help them with any problem.

The questions vary widely from everyday mundane affairs to medical, social, science and tech, politics and others. It works in a similar format to Quora. Registration to the website is free and can be done via email or Facebook.

Visit Answerbag here

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Ehow empowers you to get through life’s daily challenges to make it easier. If you want to build, create, or learn something, eHow is the website that will guide you through it with practical solutions to your problems. It merely encourages people to DIY and be independent.

Visit eHow here


Based on a simple how-to format, Wikihow tells you how to do anything in your day-to-day life. Started in 2005, Wikihow helps billions around the world to solve problems and learn tricks and tips with the help of trained experts and researchers.

This very delightfully sleek website has broad categories of how-to content ranging from art, entertainment, family, health, relationship, pets, science, business, travel, philosophy, etc.

Check out wikiHow here

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Stack Exchange

Launched in 2010, the Stack Exchange has a network of 173 Q&A communities, including Stack Overflow, which is aimed at providing knowledge to developers, helping them build their careers.

Stack Exchange focuses on enterprise knowledge sharing, advertising and recruiting. The 173 communities are built under different websites, ranging from technology, culture, arts, science, profession and business, and have focused experts to answer your questions.

Visit Stack Exchange here


With 26 different categories of Q&A, Yahoo Answers tells you about everything there is to know. The voting system keeps the most accurate answers at first.

The Yahoo Answers community guidelines clearly state that the person needs to be a good citizen, courteous and has to cite the sources for making any claim. It does not encourage venting out, hate speeches, chats which violate the site’s Q&A format or exploiting the community in any way. The only drawback is that the website requires a Yahoo account to sign in to ask your questions.

Check out Yahoo! Answers here

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The best feature about Answeree is that you don’t need to sign in to ask questions. You can ask anything anonymously. If you know any subject, you can drop answers to earn points, converting into money Answeree pays you.

Visit Answeree here


Starting in 2006, Blurtit is a Q&A community with 186,780 questions and 744,001 answers. The free 24×7 website gives you access to the whole world of information from millions of knowledgeable people.

It is an online Q&A community and a social media that allows users to add friends, chat with them, and share ideas, opinions, and facts.

Check out Blurtit here

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