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Top 11 Rainmeter skins

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Rainmeter is an amazing desktop customisation utility for Windows that lets anyone customise their desktops to their heart’s content without having to be a geek.

Perhaps the best part about it is the massive amount on skins available freely on the internet that let users change their desktop’s look in a few clicks. In this article, we’re going over the top 11 Rainmeter skins. 

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If you haven’t grown out of your obsession with Iron Man’s floating panels and want your desktop to resemble something similar, this is the skin for you. 

Top 11 Rainmeter skins | Candid.Technology

The skin throws information at you including CPU and RAM usage, your drive information and a ton of other small widgets for weather, date/time along with a few shortcuts which you can freely map.

You can download Tech-A here


A skin that I’ve extensively used in the past, this one is for hardcore Iron Man fans who want every way possible to turn their PCs into Jarvis.

While the skin won’t give you a suit of armour or a digital butler, you’ll still have a very cool and functional desktop that has information about everything from your PC hardware to the weather outside at a glance.

You can download IronMan-Jarvis here


Here’s a skin that’ll go along perfectly if you have an Alienware machine. It’s also quite pleasing to look at if you don’t mind a white background,

The skin has small, minimalistic widgets that’ll get you all the information you need along with shortcuts to your favourite folders or programs.

You can download ALIENS here


Mond is an extremely customisable skin that goes along with pretty much every dark wallpaper. So if you’re a member of the dark mode club, this might just be the skin for you. 

The skin allows you to add multiple widgets to the desktop and is really subtle about it. Do keep in mind that some of the widgets might not work straight away and would require you to install third-party plugins.

You can download Mond here

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Another minimalistic skin, FLHUD focuses on bringing as much productivity with as much minimalism possible. The skin has a bar with hyperlinks that you can map to any website of your choice. This makes reaching your favourites sites a breeze. 

The skin also has a Spotify visualiser and goes with a variety of backgrounds.

You can download FLHUD here

The Gemini Suit

The Gemini Suit is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also got quite a lot of functionality built-in which is going to be super useful if you’re a gamer. 

Apart from your regular widgets that show PC resources like drives and CPU/RAM usage, the skin also lets you link your Steam account and can launch your favourite games right from the desktop. You also get several Xbox game bar shortcuts and Discord integration. 

You can download The Gemini Suit here


A rather simple but funky skin, Avital is sure to please those who love neon lights. 

There isn’t a lot of information on display apart from the day/time and your weather along with a volume bar for the music. But then, that’s the whole appeal here. 

You can download Avital here

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Regardless of whether you like dark or light themes on your desktop, this one’s going to fit right in. 

You get a large centre timepiece and all your shortcuts and information around on the sides. You can also adjust the size of the widgets to your liking if the small text isn’t quite your thing.  

You can download Formal here


If you want one skin to take care of everything while looking funky, this one will do the job just fine. 

The skin comes with its own background that fits in perfectly along with the way the widgets are placed. All your useful information like system resources and date/time are right there in front of you along with a few customisable shortcuts. 

You can download Wisp here

Neon Space

True to its name, the skin blends a beautiful neon blue hue in a space setting on your desktop.

It’s highly customisable and resembles the dashboard of a spaceship along with a bunch of other holographics that are non-functional but really cool to look at. 

You can download Neon Space here


Another over-the-top space-based skin, this one will cover every pixel of your desktop with graphics. 

While most of these graphics are actually widgets that either show information or are a shortcut, some of them are there just for the heck of it and frankly, it does look pretty good. 

You can download Firefly here

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