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Top 7 ShareIt alternatives for iOS

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ShareIt was among the 59 Chinese apps that were banned by the Indian government last month due to privacy and security concerns. Since then, many users have felt like switching to an alternative that’s as close to Shareit’s features and capabilities.

While you’ll find dozens of apps on the App Store that look similar to Shareit and promises tonnes of features too, to make it easy for you here we’ve discussed the seven best alternatives to Shareit, which will enable you to share files with the utmost ease.

The Shareit alternatives listed below are in no particular rank or order. Choose the one that suits your needs the best.

SuperBeam Lite

Developer: LiveQos Incorporated. | Size: 8.2 MB | Price: Free

Top 7 ShareIt alternatives for iOS | Candid.Technology

Devices can be paired up either via Sharing keys or OR codes. As and when you launch the app, it asks whether you want to receive or send files. After you are done selecting the files you want to share, the app generates a QR code. It is easy to share large files cross-platform using WiFi through this app. You can share any types of files you want. The paid version of the app costs $1.99.

Download the Superbeam Lite app here

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Send Anywhere

Developer: Estmob Inc. | Size: 144 MB | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

This app has a direct approach compared to other apps because you need not log in to an account or connect to other devices wirelessly. All you need to do is select the files which you want to share and hit the send button. A unique six-digit code is generated, which expires within ten minutes. Send Anywhere boasts high privacy and security standards as they’ve implemented the 256-bit file encryption protocol that protects all your data. 

Download the Send Anywhere app here

Feem v4

Developer: FeePerfect AG | Size: 16.7 MB | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

This app allows the sender and receiver — who aren’t sharing the same WiFi –to transfer files by enabling one of the two to switch to the hotspot provided by the other person via the app itself. Choose the files you want to share, then select the person whom you want to share the files with and click on the upload button. The app has a built-in music player, video player, and browser to preview your transferred files. 

Download the Feem v4 app here

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Developer: Sand Studio | Size: 69.1 MB | Price: Free

Share photos, videos, audios, or any files with others easily through this app. However, you need to log in via account, which can be accessed from anywhere. You can also upload files from PC to transfer them to your iPhone. AirDroid Web on the iPhone also offers transfer history. 

Download the AirDroid app here

File Manager and Browser 

Developer: TapMedia Ltd | Size: 85.2 MB | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases.

This app is not only a great file manager, but it also helps to transfer files at fast speed. You can also share files via Bluetooth or email. You can transfer files with the help of mac/PC through WiFi. It also comes with a PDF Reader and music player. 

Download the File Manager and Browser app here

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Developer: Reliance Retail Limited | Size: 33.4 MB | Price: Free

Its user-friendly interface will let you transfer data quickly. Videos, photos, contacts, calendar, and reminders, all can be transferred via phones wirelessly. It is much faster compared to Bluetooth and NFC. You can transfer files to and from the PC.

Download the JioSwitch app here

Documents by Readdle

Developer: Readdle Inc. | Size: 235.7 MB | Price: Free. Offers in-app purchases

This app is an amazing file manager and as an add-on offers WiFi transfer. Choose the option Import from PC, and it will ask you to navigate to a specific web URL on the PC. You can create new folders, photos, albums, videos, and transfer the media files using the Upload Files. 

Download the Documents by Readdle app here

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