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Top 11 sites to play Free Games online

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The video game industry has been on an inclined rise since the 1980s and it hit new highs and boomed through the internet. One time or the other we all have played games on the Gameboy console or Nintendo; or at least in gaming arcades. These games were merely 8-bit and so didn’t require the gargantuan computing power that comes with today’s PCs in general.

Online games also work in the same manner and if you are bored in the office or tired after completing a hectic project or hanging out with friends and are short on fun stuff, online games can solve some — if not all — your woes. All you need is a working device and an internet connection.

Now if you don’t know where to find the best places to play amazing games we have got you covered below with the top 11 websites where you can play games online.

Big Fish 

If you are searching for big waters to quench your appetite for angling best and latest games Big Fish online gaming site is the one for you. The site not only lets you enjoy its online gaming interface screen portal to play games of various genres like puzzle, adventure, arcade and action, brainteasers, casino, among others, but also assists in downloading the most enjoyable high-graded games on your Pc, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Click here to start playing on Big Fish

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Produced by Electronic Arts, Pogo is a good user interactive gaming site and offers something for the gamer of every generation. Though the user can begin playing games in a jiffy with Pogo although registering yourself will unlock a whole new library of games where you can join a club and play worldwide and also compete in challenges to earn token points. Pogo is a combination of retro and advance gaming style which allows gamers to explore and enhance their skills. 

Click here to start playing on Pogo

Addicting Games

As the name suggests, this gaming site will make you binge play all its exciting collection and that too for free plus will never let you leave the site by offering new games every week. Needless to say, they are in the business for a very long time, so they know their forte well. Besides you can easily find your game type under 30+ categories, it offers with multiplayer compatibility in few. Although adds between the games might trouble you a little but gameplay will not get affected. 

Click here to start playing on Addicting games

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Kiloo is another exciting place to play games online where games are as plentiful as the MegaBytes in a KiloByte. The site has already filed the games under appropriate genre, so it becomes helpful not to get lost in the pool of games besides language change option makes it further convenient to arrive at the right address. Though sometimes it takes time for a game to load; however, the gaming experience makes it worth.

Click here to start playing on Kiloo


Miniclip is on the leader’s board for quite some time and is still garnering a lot of attention every day, the reason for such a success is the extensive features it offers from 15+ language selections to multiple categories selection like Flying games, Football games, 3D games, Racing games, Winter sports games, iPhone games, Android games and many more. Besides entertainment does not end here, you can also design your own Miniclip avatar with apparel and accessories along with compiling your game statistics such as high score and ranking on your own player’s page. 

Click here to start playing on Miniclip

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Going by the name this site does not look that amazing as the others in the list, but it has a notable size of game collections with sticking categories like Action games, Adventure games, Card & Board games, Jigsaws games, Puzzle games and the list carries forward. Plus side of this site is that there will be no popping up off any ads during the game with unlimited play on all downloaded games. Though sometimes unnecessary leaping of new taps might bother you a bit; nevertheless they update their stuff daily.   

Click here to start playing on Shockwave


If you are a kind of person who believes in straight away diving into business then this site won’t disappoint you, to begin playing a game on Agame’s you don’t need any subscription or download, all its intriguing collection is one click away. Though adds between a game are unavoidable, however, you can skip them anytime you want and when you are at the site don’t miss out on amazing games like Bubble Shotter, Adam and Eve, happy wheels, MahJongCon, Family barn and Goodgame Empire among others.   

Click here to start playing on Agame

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Mousebreaker has cracked the ice on many of the online gaming interface providers with its incredible band of games raging from medical simulation to skateboarding games or racing games like Car Drift, Superspeed Racer, Skateboard city2, 18 Hole Crazy Golf, Pinch Hitter 3, Hill Racing Challenge and others. The site also gives out the tips and rating on the game you are playing have earned, so it becomes easy to know what is trending; furthermore, your Facebook and Google account holds due value in registering yourself as a member with the site. 

Click here to start playing on MouseBreaker 

Free World Group

This site is a one-stop-shop, all the games which you must be missing out on other gaming houses will positively come to be discovered on this one, games with HTML5, Flash and WebGL compatibility also runs on this site. Free World group offers games both old as well as the latest with a prefilled store where you can find a genre of your liking, and it goes without saying it has not missed out on multiplayer configured gaming stash.   

Click here to start playing on Free World Group

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Kongregate gaming portal goes without any slip when the talks for online gaming sites hit among the folks, and this is because of the extensive amount of games you can find here which have already been played or download by millions of gamers worldwide. It is easy to find a game which fascinates you on the portal by browsing through the categories like Top-Rated, Hot new, MMO, Adventure&RPG, Shotter etc. Though without registration, it is difficult to play many games besides the process is free and simple. 

Click here to start playing on Kongregate.


Bored is another site among the top online gaming service providers that have the sole purpose of not letting you fell what its name signifies. The site is full of top-rated games like the Temple run, Bubble shooter, Conference room escape, Causality kitchen and lot more. The site is easy to use, and you don’t have to scroll around for much longer to find your favourite piece to play. Along with it does not ask for registration or any other formality, just one click and you are in the playground, no questions asked.     

Click here and start playing on Bored

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