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Top 7 tattoo design apps for Android and iOS

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Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and with time, the art and the way it is done has changed. But getting a tattoo is no small deal as it’s something you’ve to live with for the rest of your lives. With apps making way into our lives with increasing accessibility, some apps can help you decide on tattoo designs as well as get the hang of how they might look on the skin.

If you want to get inked but can’t decide on what kind of design or pattern to get, use the apps mentioned below to search for amazingly cool designs and patterns. These tattoo apps will help you select good designs that will suit you. The apps will provide you with various designs to make your choice. Below we’ve mentioned seven best tattoo design apps that are available to iOS and Android users.


Developer: InkHunter INC | Size: 202.8MB (iOS); varies by device on Android | Price: FreeTop 7 tattoo design apps for Android and iOS | Candid.TechnologyThis excellent app will allow you to see a tattoo on any part of your body in real-time. You can choose the tattoo from the already existing app gallery, or you can also upload your design. However, to our disappointment, you can only unlock tattoo designs by watching ads.

You can download Tattoo Fonts for Android and iOS.


Developer: Tattoodo | Size: 129.4MB (iOS); varies by device on Android | Price: Free with in-app purchases

If you want millions of tattoo ideas to choose from, then, this is the app you want. This app provides numerous designs and ideas. It will help you connect with the most talented artists. If you are a tattoo artist, then you can share your designs and ideas on this app too. This will also help you to get more clients.

You can download Tattoodo for Android and iOS.


Developer: Inksquad Srl| Size: 5.5MB (Android); 30.4MB (iOS) | Price: FreeThis is a community-based app for tattoo artists as well as tattoo lovers. Through this app, you can directly connect to the artist who will help you with selecting tattoo designs. You can also set an appointment with the tattoo artist. Android and iOS users you can find both tattoo designs as well as tattoo artists.

You can download Inksquad for Android and iOS.

Skin Motion

Developer: SkinMotion | Size: 38MB (Android); 376.6MB (iOS) | Price: Free on both.The app is unique in a way that it creates any sound clip to soundwave tattoo. All you need to do is play a sound for 30 seconds long. Through this app, you can customise the shape, colour and design elements of the tattoo.

You can download Skin Motion for Android and iOS.

Tattoo Designs

Developer: MooAppMaster | Size: 8.1MB | Price: FreeYou can choose a tattoo from different category tabs. Regular updates regarding tattoo designs are given on the app. In the recent apps, all the latest tattoo designs are displayed, including trending tattoo designs. If you are a tattoo artist, then you can find new designs for your clients.

You can download Tattoo Designs for Android.

Tattoo Maker

Developer: Focus apps | Size: 30MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases Android users here is another good tattoo design app for you all. You can virtually analyse how a tattoo will look on your body through this app. The app includes different styles of tattoos that include Love, Dragon, Fantasy, Butterfly, Animals, Skulls, Wing and more.

You can download Tattoo Maker for Android.

Tattoo Fonts

Developer: | Size: 97MB | Price: $1.99If you are thinking of getting a word or a phrase inked, then you can try out this app. This app offers different kinds of font sizes for tattoos. The app has 125 high-quality fonts and will also let you check how the text will look in the selected font.

You can download Tattoo Fonts for iOS.

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