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Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android

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While the world has seen an increasing popularity of videos with more and more apps revolving around user-generated video content, audio still holds its ground as it is easier to record as well as takes up less space in your device. Audio recording is popular among students as well as professionals but instead of needing to have a dedicated voice recording gadget our smartphones have made it easier for us to record audio in high quality.

Voice recording apps can help you to record your lectures, meetings, casual thoughts, tune or lyrics, and more. Usually, all the Android phones have built-in voice recorder apps. These apps might lack some quality features that are present in third-party apps. Here we’ve listed the eight best voice recorder apps available on Android.

Easy Voice Recorder

Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyThis app runs in the background, which means you can record even when the screen is off. The app allows you to record audio in several file formats including WAV, MP3, PCM, ASM. The cool thing about the app is that it allows you to increase volume furthermore to remove quite parts with dead space. The echo or background noise can also be eliminated. A Pro version of the app with additional features is also available, which costs around $3.99.

You can find Easy Voice Recorder here

Voice Recorder

Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.Technology

You can save your audio recording in MP3 file format which offers you high audio quality. Voice Recorder comes with a microphone tool that will allow the users to adjust the sensitivity of the recorder. One of the coolest features is that you’ll be able to edit your audio snippets too. The app allows you to remove the boring or unwanted parts of the audio by cutting, trimming, copy/paste, and removal of parts. The app is free and is supported by ads.

You can find Voice Recorder here

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Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyThe app brings an intuitive UI with calendar-style icons on the recordings that help you to know when the audio was recorded. The free version of this app allows the use of the speaker, mic or Bluetooth mic for recording. The silent parts during the audio recording can be skipped too.

Parrot supports various file formats. Some playback options like volume boost, bass boost, and preset reverb are also available in this app. The Pro version performs lots of tasks like recording both incoming and outgoing calls. Users can set schedules to record audio setting the date, time, and even duration in advance. So even if you forget, this smart app won’t.

You can find Parrot here


Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyThis app has one unique feature which allows you to click pictures and save it alongwith the recording. Text notes can also be added to the voice recording. Tags are also used for better search and management. There are three versions that Cogi offers. The free plan comes with 500 MB, Standard is $14.99 with 50 GB cloud storage, and Pro is 250 GB for $39.99. The plus point of the Premium plans is that it allows you to record phone calls.

You can find Cogi here

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Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyIt is difficult to capture spontaneous moments like that of a child’s first cry or first word. This app makes this difficult thing easier. Rewind works silently in the background and captures spontaneous moments. This does not pack up the memory of your phone. Rewind discards all the recordings after the outset and keeps the latest recording. You can also shake your phone to start the recording. The app is both cost and ad-free.

You can find Rewind here

Voice Memos

Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyWhen the recording is too long it becomes difficult to keep a track of important parts. This app allows you to tag the audio recording. The tag marks a timestamp with a unique colour so that it becomes easier to access. The layout of the app is quite simple. A red button is present which when pressed starts the recording. The app is free.

You can find Voice Memo here

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 Zoho Notebook

Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyRecording notes in this app is a one-tap action that is stored in a waveform which might appear cool. The app is more like a notebook with a variety of features like customising the colour of the audio note, rename, and move it around different notebooks. If one wishes to keep the content away from the eyes and ears of others then they can simply lock the note.

You can find Zoho Notebook here


Top 8 voice recorder apps for Android | Candid.TechnologyLast but not least is the Otter app that transcribes in real-time. After the audio is recorded, summary keywords are generated by this app which facilitates easy discovery. The amazing thing about this app is that you can tag the speakers to label the paragraphs and you can also train Otter to identify speakers. The app is free on the Play Store but you get a limit of 600 minutes per month. You can upgrade to their subscription plan which starts at $9.99 per month.

You can find Otter here

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