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Top 7 Watch Faces for Galaxy Gear and Active

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If there’s one thing you’re going to have enough of on the Samsung smartwatch ecosystem, it’s watch faces. Yes, TizenOS might not be great at apps, but the sheer amount of Watch faces that you have to choose from, both free and paid will undoubtedly have you spoilt for choice. There are watch faces for all sorts and purposes, and you might be feeling confused as to which ones to pick.

In this article, we bring you the top seven native watch faces to choose from if you’re rocking a Galaxy Gear/Active.

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Command Line

So let’s start with a light one. As the name suggests, this is a command-line type watch face that shows all the essential data you need to see. You get the date, time, steps, battery and the day of the week. Oh and you can double-tap on the top to change the Watch Model name.


My personal favourite since I saw it, the MD-183 is one from the MD series of watch faces on the Galaxy Store. You get four preset app shortcuts for Heart Rate, Samsung Health, Calendar and Alarms. There are also two customizable shortcuts, health data, interchangeable colours and more.

Pilot R1

Pretty intimidating at first, a lot is going on with this one. This is a digital-analogue display with a lot of room for customisation. You can set different colours for the background and borders. You get five app shortcuts plus one customizable one. You get a step counter, battery meter, calorie counter, distance and heart rate.

Black Ops — Special Edition

Similar to the Pilot R1, this one offers even more customisation concerning the colour schemes that you can set. You can customise colours for the background and bezel, the complications and the LED accent independently. You can have over 500+ colour combinations as per the Galaxy Store page for this watch face.

In terms of functionality, it adds more to the already pretty cool Pilot R1. You get 10 app shortcuts, moon phases, health data, battery level and one customisable shortcut.

Analog Utility

This is one of the pre-installed watch faces on my Gear Sport, but I used it for quite some time simply because of the simplicity this face offers. As the name suggests, the watch face is simply an analogue one. You can choose from three different needle colours and can map the three chronographs inside to various app shortcuts.


Another simplistic watch face by Samsung itself, the Classic is a very, very decent looking watch face that’ll go with almost any formal attire. The face offers moon phases, date/time display, step counter and days of the week. Sweet, simple, elegant.


Here’s a very bright and sporty looking watch face for all the gym/sports lovers. Natalie’s got all you need. It’s bright, like very bright. It’s super simple as well. Everything you need to know is right there on your wrist, in a super readable form even on such a small screen.

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