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Top 7 Zoom alternatives for your video calling needs

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The Zoom videoconferencing app has become largely popular both for professional as well as personal meetings ever since the pandemic hit and people turned to remote working, and even remote lectures for school students and colleges. However, there have been several reports regarding the poor privacy and security infrastructure of Zoom. Though Zoom has added several features and updates since then and worked to make their privacy and security enhancements, if you’re still looking for alternatives, we’ve got you covered here. Here we’ve compiled a list of seven Zoom alternatives for Android and iOS.

Skype (Meet Now)

Developer: Skype Communications | Size: 150.3 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price: Free

Since its release in 2003, Skype has been an amazing platform for one to one conversations. It now has a Meet Now feature, which allows video conferencing with a large number of participants that depend upon your platform and device. You can also create a meeting without actually signing into the app. However, it is better to sign-in since more features are available. You can access Meet Now by choosing the left-hand side button of the app.

Download Skype for iOS here

Download Skype for Android here

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Cisco Webex

Developer: Cisco | Size: 210.9 MB (iOS); 47 MB (Android) | Price: Free

Webex is the video conferencing app that was acquired by Cisco in the year 2007. This app is widely popular for business work and it continues to serve companies. It now allows 100 participants. Earlier it had 40-minute time limit which has been eliminated and we have unlimited timing for each meeting. Call in audio feature has also been added.

Download the Cisco Webex for iOS here

Download the Cisco Webex for Android here

Google Meet

Developer: Google LLC | Size: 70.3 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price: Free

Until recently Google Meet was only available to educators or those who have subscribed to paid Google services. It was previously free only to G Suite users but following a recent update, it is free to all Gmail users. You can now video chat with colleagues, friends, and family; all you need is a Gmail account. Users can avail unlimited video calling and conferences on Google Meet until September 30, after which free usage will be limited to 60-minutes.

Download Google Meet for iOS

Download Google Meet for Android here

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Developer: Google LLC | Size: 161.3 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price: Free

Google Hangouts — the classic version — is still available even though the company has launched Meet. You can video chat with up to 10 people, add text messages, and share screens. The audio conversation is available for up to 150 participants.

Download Hangouts for iOS here

Download Hangouts for Android here


Developer: StarLeaf | Size: 63.6 MB (iOS); 43 MB(Android) | Price: Free

Although a paid app typically, which is mostly used by corporates, Starleaf Is offering basic video and messaging for up to 20 participants at this time.

Download Starleaf for iOS here

Download Starleaf for Android here

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Jitsi Meet

Developer: 8×8, Inc. | Size: 47.5 MB (iOS); 28 MB(Android) | Price: Free

This app is an open-source platform. You can simply navigate on the site and click on Go which lets you easily meet online. Most people opt for a quick version however you can also build your own with the help of Jitsu Video bridge, The quick version provides features like chat, session recording, and ability to kick out unruly participants. Up to 75 participants are allowed.

Download Jitsi Meet for iOS here.

Download Jitsi Meet for Android here.


Developer: Video Communication Services AS. | Size: 24.4 (iOS); 892k(Android) Price: Free

This app can lock rooms. Each room can generate a unique URL, which will then only be accessible to the people with the link. It has various features like chat, mute, or removes users, shares screen, and much more. The paid version lets you have 12 participants.

Download Whereby app for iOS here.

Download Whereby app for Android here.

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