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Mastering the Seas: Blox Fruit Tier List for May 2024

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In Blox Fruits on Roblox, Devil Fruits play a crucial role. Whether using a common fruit for farming or a rare one to bolster your combat abilities, they’re crucial to your gameplay. Understanding the value of devil fruits in Blox Fruits is essential, but it’s equally important to know which ones stand out as the best among them.

This article compiles all the devil fruits in the Blox Fruits tier list to help you get the best of them and enhance your abilities.

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Blox fruit tier list

TierFruit Name
SKitsune, Leopard, Dragon, Venom, Buddha, Dough, Shadow, Spirit, Dark, Blizzard, T-Rex, Magma
APhoenix, Control, Light, Flame, Quake, Ice, Ghost, Spider
BChop, Portal, Sand, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
CLove, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon, Sound, Rumble
DBarrier, Spin, Spike, Bomb, Rocket

Understanding the tiers

  • S-Tier: These fruits excel in PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) scenarios, offering exceptional damage, utility, or both.
  • A-Tier: Excellent choices for most situations. They may lack the top tier’s dominance in one area but make up for it elsewhere.
  • B-Tier: Solid fruits that can hold their own. They might be better suited for specific playstyles or grinding.
  • C-Tier: Below-average fruits. They may struggle with harder content but can still be viable for casual play.
  • D-Tier: Fruits best left uneaten. They are generally outclassed by most other options.

Top Picks in Blox Fruits

Finding a great Devil Fruit in-game is usually straightforward. However, not all fruits excel in every aspect. In Blox Fruits, fruits are categorised into three types: Natural (Paramecia), Elemental (Logia), and Beast (Zoan). These categories dictate their abilities, damage output, and other attributes. Currently, there are a total of 39 fruits available for use in Blox Fruits.

S-Tier Fruits

  • Natural: Venom, Shadow, Spirit
  • Elemental: Dark, Dough, Blizzard, Magma
  • Beast: Kitsune, Leopard, T-Rex, Dragon, Buddha

A-Tier Fruits

  • Natural: Control, Quake, Ghost, Spider
  • Elemental: Flame, Ice, Light
  • Beast: Phoenix, Mammoth

B-Tier Fruits

  • Natural: Chop, Portal, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
  • Elemental: Sand
  • Beast: None

C-Tier Fruits

  • Natural: Love, Rubber, Spring, Sound
  • Elemental: Rumble, Smoke
  • Beast: Falcon

D-Tier Fruits

  • Natural: Barrier, Spin, Spike, Bomb, Rocket
  • Elemental: None
  • Beast: None

Once you understand your preferences, use the tier list to find fruits that align with your goals. Don’t hesitate to experiment and find the fruit that makes you a conquering pirate.

Remember, the Blox Fruits meta is constantly evolving. This tier list is for May 2024; future updates may change the rankings. Stay tuned for future updates to navigate the ever-changing seas.

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