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How to boost in-game hours on Steam?

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Are you also one of those people who have a ton of games in their Steam library just sitting there eating dust? Many people buy games that they don’t eventually get the time to play and hence their account is deprived of hundreds of gameplay hours.

If you know anything about VAC, you know that having more in-game hours can be beneficial towards proving that you’re a legitimate player. 

Now for something like this us gamers would usually not have any problem just playing the game. But there are still some reasons you might need some extra playtime on your games.

Some platforms out there that need you to have a certain number of play hours on your game for you to be eligible to play on them, SoStronk in India is one such example.

You see, you need a minimum of 100 CSGO hours on your account to be able to play on their platform. Which was a problem for me, as I was using a new account. So without 100 hours to spare, how did I find a way to get my game up to speed? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article.

While this method is completely legit and you won’t get any bans for using it, do not use it if you’re looking to do something fishy. In fact, do not play any game if you’re looking to cheat. You will be caught, banned and only end up causing inconvenience to you and your fellow players. So do us all a favour and don’t cheat.

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Boosting in-game hours in Steam

Step 1: Head over to FreeHourBoost and create a free account. 

How to boost in-game hours on Steam? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Once done, log in and you’ll see your control panel. It’s going to look something like this

Step 3: First up let’s add our account to our free plan. Click on the button under Account 

A new window will open. Enter your Steam account details here. Make sure you leave the Shared Secret field empty. 

Step 4: After this, we need to add the game that we want to boost. Note that on a free plan you can only boost one game. 

Go ahead and click on the Manage button under Games

A new window will open. Enter the name of the game or the Steam game ID here. Click Save when done. 

Step 5: All that needs to be done now is to start the booster. Go ahead and click on the Start button

Step 6: It’ll now ask you to enter your Steam Guard code. You’re going to have to do this every time you start the service.

Click on the Enter button under Steam Guard and type in your code. The service will start. 

Note that you’ll have to do this step again if you launch another game while one is being boosted. 

You’ll see that your Steam profile says In non-Steam Game You can change that to any custom text you’d like with their premium plans which also offer more hours and simultaneous game boost. 

Otherwise, you can just top up your free account with another 100 hours when you run out. 

Alternatives to Freehourboost

If for whatever reason, you’d like to use an alternative, here are few other websites that work just as well

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