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How to buy diamonds in Free Fire?

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Free Fire is one of the most popular PUBG mobile alternatives out there. In the wake of PUBG mobile being banned in a bunch of countries, the former has only skyrocketed in terms of popularity and player base. 

The game revolves around a fast-paced battle royale style gameplay where 50 players fight it out in a battle until there’s only one player left alive. The matches generally last around 10 minutes and are paced quite well. 

The game has an in-game currency called diamonds that players can buy using real money or get for free by filling out filling up surveys on Google Opinion rewards or sites like Prize Rebel.

These diamonds can be spent on various in-game items for character or weapon customisation as well as to do other things like changing your name, an action that costs around 390 diamonds.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can buy diamonds in Free Fire. 

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Buying diamonds in Free Fire

The safest and surest way of buying diamonds in Free Fire is from within the game itself. The game has several bundles where you can buy diamonds according to your needs and then pay using the Play Store or App Store. 

The cheapest bundle starts at INR 80 which is about $1.09 USD and give you 100 diamonds. These bundles go all the way up to INR 4,000, about $54.50 and give out 5600 diamonds at once. 

Using this method keeps your payment details safe and ensures that you’re not being scammed. If anything goes wrong, you can contact either the game developers or your respective app store to figure out the issue. 

Alternatively, you can use third-party sites to ‘top-up’ your diamonds by providing your in-game ID and selecting one of the packages provided by the site. 

These sites often offer packages with more flexibility and smaller segments and you might just save a few bucks as well. However, we recommend ensuring that the sites you’re buying these top-ups from are legitimate and avoid any scams. 

The top-ups over at Codashop

You can check out sites like Codashop or PrePaidGamerCard to find some good deals on top-ups.

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