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How to recover data of an Android phone after factory reset

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Factory reset is a process by which you restore your phone to your original factory state. It is something that people do to their phones when they are locked out or if their OS is buggy. It is also known as a hard reset and you lose all your internal storage data in the process.

But what if you need to recover that data? Well, that’s what we aim to answer in this article.

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Recovering your data

Traditionally, apps settings, contacts, mail and messages — sometimes even passwords are backed up by Google in its cloud.  External storage such as SD card is untouched during a hard reset process although its best to check what you have backed up before proceeding further.

Note: The recovery software require root permission to access the deleted files so please make sure that your phone is rooted before proceeding. Caution: root has risks and may void your device warranty.

You can use Root Checker to check the root status of your phone. The to proceed with recovering your phone data you’ll need to install a data recovery application.

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There are a ton of freeware available such as Gihosoft, Dr.Phone, EaseUS here we are using Fonecope’s FoneLab — we’ll be using FoneLab for the steps below.

  • To let FoneLab access data stored on your device, you need to enable USB debugging setting on a smartphone. Go to Settings —> About device —> Tap on Build number seven times or until you see the ‘you’re now a developer‘ pop up message.
  • Next, visit the developer tab and tap on ‘Enable USB Debugging’ option.
  • Connect your phone with your computer Via USB and fire up the FoneLab software.
  • Select the ‘Android Data Recovery’ section and the phone will take you to the next page where you can choose the file types which you would like to recover. Once that is done, it will begin the scanning process.
  • Once the scanning is complete the software will display the collected files form which you can choose which files you to recover. once chosen hit that recover button and sit back as the software does its job.

And just like that, you’ll get your lost stuff back safe and sound. Hopefully, this helps you recover your data from oblivion though it is always smart to back up your data.

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