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Can you screen record Instagram Stories? 

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Instagram is a widely used social media app at this time of our lives. It updates you on what everyone is doing even though you never know who one is. One such feature of Instagram is a Story that stays up for 24 hours. It disappears after that, unlike a post or a reel.

This article discusses whether you can capture these stories for longer. Can you screen-record these fleeting moments?

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Notification Mystery

Whether Instagram informs the person whose story is being screen-recorded is a mystery. In a similarly popular social media app, Snapchat, any attempt to take a screenshot or recording will inform your contact about this action. Thankfully, on Instagram, you will not face this issue. They will inform the person or page if you have viewed their story and liked their post or reel.

Instagram notifies people if you take a screenshot or screen-record their chat, a photo or a video in the Vanish Mode.

You can, without informing anyone, screen-record stories to save them for later since screen-recording is a mobile feature rather than an Instagram feature. One can also take screenshots of a story, messages, posts, or reels without any notification being sent to the person involved.

How to screen-record a story?

Open the Instagram app on your Android device and open any story you want to screen-record. Stories appear on the top-most row on Instagram. Take a test run by opening up a friend’s story or any brand page’s story and follow the instructions given below:

Can you screen-record Instagram Stories? 
  • As soon as a story starts playing or before opening any story, tap on Screen-record on your Android device’s notification bar.
  • A dialogue box will open up instantly to confirm the start of the recording. You can tap on the Start option.
  • After you have recorded your piece, you can tap on the red button at the top-right corner of the story. This will stop the recording, and you will receive a notification that your screen recording has been saved.

You can edit later your screen-recorded video in your gallery as well.

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