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Can you send money from Venmo to Cash App?

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Both Venmo and the Cash App are fellow P2P (peer-to-peer) digital platforms that help you make electronic transfers of money from account to account. Since both of them are rivals of the first order in this game, it might be hard to link the two of them together in your mind. However, as Mark Caine was once quoted as saying, ‘they are different, yet they are the same’, so is the link between the Cash App and Venmo.

In this article, we will be focussing on figuring out if it is possible to send money from Venmo to the Cash App or vice-versa.

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Is there a possibility?

While the Cash App work in both the US and the Uk, Venmo is solely present in the US like Zelle, another P2P platform. To have a link between them seems like a productive fantasy brought to life as thereafter you will be able to use both apps instead of carrying any cash or card.

However, there is one rule that keeps Venmo and the Cash App from being officially linked together — both platforms can only transfer money from one bank account to another bank account. To put it simply, you will not be able to transfer money directly from your Cash App wallet to your Venmo wallet or vice-versa.

So, if there is no way of transferring money from one wallet to another wallet, then what is the article about? It is about the hidden methods that can help you link the two apps to one another.

Linking the two apps

Method 2 is slightly slower than method 1, so choose any of the following methods which are suitable to your needs.

Method 1: From Cash App to Venmo

If you already have an active Cash App account then follow the steps given below to create a link between the two apps:

  • Set up Direct Deposit on the Cash App by tapping on the dollar sign after opening the app.
  • You are now in the My Cash tab, tap on the Cash button and go to Direct Deposit.
  • Tap on Get Account Number and select Enable Account when a dialog box appears.
  • Your account information will be presented, tap on the Copy Account Details under this information.
  • When you tap on it, you will be presented with Copy Routing Number and Copy Account Number options. Tap on them to copy them to your clipboard.

After you have added your Cash App details to your Venmo account, you can use Venmo to withdraw money from the Cash App, which is treated like a regular bank account by Venmo. To add your cash App details on Venmo, follow the steps as follows:

  • Go to Settings in the Venmo app and tap on Payment Methods.
  • Tap on the option Add a Bank or Card. Now, select Bank.
  • Choose your verification preference and paste the Cash App routing number and account number in the given space.

Similarly, if you have the debit card which Cash App provides, then instead of opening up a Direct Deposit on Cash App, you can simply head to the Venmo app and add the card. However, this time choose Card instead of Bank in the Add a Bank or Card option. The Cash Card is a free debit card and is connected to your Cash App balance.

Method 2: From Venmo to Cash App

If you have a common bank account linked with both Venmo and the Cash App, then you can use this account to transfer money from the Venmo wallet to the Cash App account.

To achieve this transfer, make sure that you have a common credit or debit card linked with your Venmo and Cash App, then follow the steps given as follows:

  • Head to Settings on your Venmo app and tap on Transfer to Bank or Transfer Money. You can also find this option under Manage Balance.
  • Enter the amount of money you would like to transfer back into your bank account.
  • Choose between the Instant option or the 1-3 Biz Days option.
  • After choosing your preferred method of money transfer, select your bank account and confirm all details. Finally, tap on Transfer.

Now, your money will be transferred to your bank account — either instantly with a fee if you have chosen the Instant option or will take one to three business days if you have chosen the other option.

Now, you can add cash to your Cash App from this linked bank account, thus ensuring that you always have digital funds ready to use.

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