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Top 7 cardboard shredders

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It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run; if you’re dealing with sensitive information from a customer, you need a cardboard or paper shredder. In this article, we’re listing out the top seven cardboard shredders you can buy right now. 

Bonsaii 3s16

Brand: Bonsaii | Price: Starts at $154.99

Top 7 cardboard shredders | Candid.Technology

The Bonsaii 3S18 is a heavy-duty paper shredder that comes in a 12 sheet and a 14 sheet cross-cut variant. The shredder can cut down anything from paper to stables, CDs or Credit Cards. Shredding speeds can reach up to 72. feet per minute. 

It’s also backed by a three-year warranty and features an auto-start and auto-reverse mechanism to protect users from dealing with frustrating paper jams.

You can buy Bonsaii 3S16 here

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AmazonBasics PBH-55473

Brand: Amazon Basics | Price: $40.19

A rather inexpensive option from Amazon Basics, this shredder can cut down paper. CDs and credit cards all day long. It features auto-on, overheat protection and a reverse function to retrieve partially shredded documents and preventing jams.

You can buy  AmazonBasics PBH-55473 here

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 

Brand: Fellowes | Price: $194.98

As claimed by the company, this is a 100% jam proof shredder that provides a relatively quiet shredding performance making it ideal for shared workspaces. The SafeSence technology in the shredder automatically stops it when your hand touches the paper opening. It also features an auto-reverse function if you decide to pull a document out. 

You can buy Fellowes Powershred 79Ci here

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Dodocool 12-sheet paper shredder

Brand: Dodocool | Price: $79.99

Another rather inexpensive pick, this 12-sheet cross-cut shredder is perfect for smaller spaces. It features nitrided steel blades that can cut through paper, credit cards, CDs, paper clips and other small office stationery. 

The shredder can run for up to 20 minutes on full load shredding at three meters per minute, which is pretty fast for a shredder this cheap. 

You can buy Dodocool 12-sheet paper shredder here

EZBASICS 5-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Brand: EZBasics | Price: $79.99

If you’d rather put your 80 bucks to silence instead of speed, you should pick this shredder. At full load, the company claims the shredder only makes 58dB noise. It also doesn’t require any lubrication, a common problem with most other shredders in this price range. 

The device can cut down everything you’d throw at it — papers, staples, paper clips, credit card and anything else you might need to shred down. 

You can buy EZBASICS 5-Sheet Cross-Cut here

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Kensington Shredder – Officeassist A1300

Brand: Kensington | Price: $299.99

While you would have seen loads of Kensington peripherals lying around your office, seeing a Kensington Shredder might surprise you, this little beast lets you load up to 130 sheets of paper which it can shred down automatically while you get your work done. 

Of course, any smaller items like stables, paper clips, and credit cards are no big deal for the shredder. It has a continuous run time of 10 minutes, after which you’re going to have to wait for a 30-minute cooldown. 

You can buy Kensington Shredder - Officeassist A1300 here

HSM ProfiPack C400 Single-Layer Cardboard Converter

Brand: HSM | Price: $3210.00

For the last item on this list, we’ve got something massive for you. Note that this isn’t exactly a shredder, rather a convertor that perforates cardboard sheets, so their information might still be visible. 

The convertor can cut down special shafts and simultaneously cut down the required width. It complies will all international safety regulations. So if you’ve got something huge to shred, this is your best bet. 

You can buy HSM ProfiPack C400 Single-Layer Cardboard Converter here

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