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What is Cha fan? Top 7 available

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Cooling your computer is a rather important part of your build. If you mess it up, you risk damaging your components, not to mention the performance impact you’ll see due to thermal throttling. 

More often than not, fans inside your case are your best friends when it comes to cooling. This article looks at what a CHA fan is and the top seven you can buy right now.

What is a CHA fan?

When building your PC, you must’ve come across several different headers on your motherboard. Some of these headers must be labelled CHA fan. 

These pins are where you connect your PC fans to the motherboard for RPM reading and, in some cases, power. CPU fans come in several sizes from 10mm to 200mm and can even have RBG if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your build. 

You can connect your fans directly to your PSU using a Molex cable, but you’ll not control the RPM as the fans will automatically run at their highest speed. 

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Top 7 CHA fans

Here are the best CHA fans you can buy at the moment. 

Noctuna NF-P12

Brand: Noctuna | Price: $14.95

What is Cha fan? Top 7 Cha fans

This simple, cheap fan from Noctuna will get the job done adequately. Although the RPM is a little low at 1300, it’ll still be enough if you put in a couple of them. The fan is 120mm in size, meaning it should fit most cases. 

You can get the Noctuna NF-P12 here

Darkflash INF8

Brand: Darkflash | Price: $16.99

If you have a white-themed build, these will go wonderfully well. You get three fans with addressable RGB and a controller and mounting hardware. The fans can go as high as 1900 RPM as well, so it should easily take care of airflow inside your case. 

You can get the Darkflash INF8 here

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PCCooler PC-FX120

Brand: PCCooler | Price: $19.99

You’re getting a pack of three 120MM cooling fans with hydraulic bearings for lower operation sound. These fans can go as high as 1200 RPM, meaning the three-pack will be enough for you to manage airflow in your case, and they’re RGB as well. 

You can get the PCCooler PC-FX120 here


Brand: NZXT | Price: $29.99

Now, this fan from NZXT is a little bit expensive as compared to the previous listings, and that’s primarily down to the customisable RGB. You get a 120mm fan that can go as high as 1200 RPM. However, the fans contain addressable RGB, which you can mix and match to sync with any other components in your build. You do need an extra controller for that, however, which is sold separately. 

You can buy the NZXT AER RGB 2 here

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Arctic P12

Brand: Arctic | Price: $90.97

If you don’t want RGB but want a ton of fans for cheap, this is your pick. You get five 120mm fans that can go as high as 1800 RPM. The fans are also pressure-optimised, meaning using them in smaller builds won’t be a problem. 

You can get the Arctic P12 here

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120

Brand: Cooler Master | Price: $63.99

This three-pack of addressable RGB 120mm fans from Cooler Master will add a lot of colour to your build because it has RGB on the fan blades and a halo ring around the fan itself. Other than that, you get an 1800 RPM fan with PWM, static pressure optimisations and absorbing pads for liquid radiators. 

You can get the Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 here

Corsair LL120

Brand: Corsair | Price: $99.99

Another triple pack with many RGB, this fan from Corsair features the Lightning Node PRO controller that lets you adjust fan speed and RGB directly from Corsair’s software. Fan speed can be adjusted from anywhere between 600 and 1500 RPM, which means three of these should be enough for your airflow needs.

You can get the Corsair LL120 here

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