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How to change bank account in Zerodha?

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Account-holders on Zerodha have permission to change their bank account details. Customers with a residential account can change their bank account details online. And once the customer has made the changes and saved them successfully, it takes 24-48 hours to map the new primary bank account on their Demat account. Besides, the previous bank account would convert into a secondary account after the new bank account is updated.

To modify the bank account details, ensure that your mobile number is linked to your Aadhar number. Either a non-individual account holder (HUF, Corporate or partnership) or a customer with their phone not linked to their Aadhar need to update the account details offline.

Read more in the below sections to find out how can you change your bank account details while trading with Zerodha Demat account.

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How to change bank account details in Zerodha?

In the first place, both the residential and non-individual customers can update their bank account details. They have to follow the online and offline mode, respectively, for making those updates.

Online process for residential account holders

Below steps describe the procedure for changing the account details via application or website:

Step 1: Log in to Console. (Https://

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 2: On the console screen, click on the Account option present on the top-right corner of the screen.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 3: Click on the Bank option under the Personal section.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 4: Use the Pencil icon beside the primary bank account field to update the account details.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 5: Fill in the details of the new bank account & IFSC code. Now, click on the checkbox of the ‘I/ We hereby…….’ declaration at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the Proceed to e-Sign button.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 6: Select the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions. Again, click on the Proceed to e-Sign button.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 7:  The screen shows an online form. This form displays the account details you’d shared earlier.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 8: Click on Sign Now button.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 9: The user navigates to the NSDL portal for e-Sign. Check the checkbox to authorise NSDL.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 10: Now, enter your Aadhar Number and click on send OTP.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Step 11: At last, enter the OTP received on the mobile number linked to your Aadhar and click on the Verify OTP button.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

Following the satisfaction of the above steps, the submission of the account modification request is successful. Authorities then process the above proposition within the next 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation on the email linked to your Zerodha account after implementing changes.

How to change bank account in Zerodha?

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Additional details about managing Bank Accounts

One can add a maximum of 3 bank accounts for trading with Zerodha. One of them is a primary account. The others are secondary accounts.

To update a primary account, when three bank accounts are already linked to your Demat account, you need to request to remove one of the existing accounts. Raise a request for removing an existing bank account before requesting updates for a new primary bank account.

It is also possible for one to link a joint account, provided they are the primary holder of the bank account. Otherwise, if a secondary holder of the joint bank account, one must follow the offline procedure to update account details.

Offline process for non-individual account holders

The following steps describe the process to update bank accounts in offline mode:

Step 1: Print the account modification form. Fill in the necessary details and sign it.

Step 2: Add the attachments with the proof of the new account. Then, send the form to the Head Office of Zerodha.

Documents accepted as Proofs for submission of a request to change bank account in Zerodha

One can provide one of the below documents as proof for linking a new bank account in an offline account change request.

  • Personalised cancelled cheque. Owner’s name should be printed on the cheque leaf.
  • Self-attested bank statement with IFSC & MICR code details.
  • Self-attested bank passbook statement

After successfully submitting the account modification form with the required proofs, the processing of the request takes place. Thus, a confirmation mail is in order after the changes reflect in the Demat account.

Furthermore, a charge worth Rs. 25 + GST is applicable for online and offline modification requests. These charges get reflected in your ledger accounts.

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