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How to change Chromecast’s WiFi network?

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Hiding behind your television, connected to the HDMI port, your streaming device is probably in the worst position when it comes to getting a strong WiFi signal. Creating a bottleneck for the video output it can deliver, having a poor WiFi reception on your streaming device can make your streaming experience a nightmare.

If you were using a 2.4 GHz WiFi earlier and upgraded to 5 GHz, the signal strength on your streaming device might have diminished. The reason for the lower signal strength could be the higher attenuation faced by 5 GHz signals when compared to 2.4GHz. Therefore, upgrading your WiFi to a higher frequency might have made your streaming problems worse rather than solving them.

If you own a Chromecast (1st Gen), you might want to reconsider your decision of upgrading to 5GHz as it only supports 2.4GHz. Although you could get a dual-band router and use 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz and get the best of both worlds

To solve these problems and to watch the content you love at the best resolution possible, you might have bought a WiFi extender, but your Chromecast might still be connecting the old network. To solve this problem and to connect your Chromecast to a new WiFi network follow the steps given below

If you want to change the WiFi network to which your Chromecast connects, you will have to set up your Chromecast again. That being said, the process is easy enough, and your device will be connected to a new WiFi network in a matter of minutes.

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Changing the WiFi network on your Chromecast

Changing the WiFi network on your Chromecast is a two-step process. First, you will have to forget the WiFi network to which your device is connected to and then set up your Chromecast using another WiFi network. (Follow both the guides below).

Guide 1: Forgetting the current WiFi network

To forget the WiFi your Chromecast is connected to, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to change Chromecast's WiFi network? | Candid.Technology
  • Open the Google Home app on your device.
  • Select the device whose WiFi network you want to change.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Under Device Settings look for Wi-Fi and click on Forget.
  • After this, a pop-up box will appear and click on Forget network.

Once you have done this, the Chromecast will show a blue screen on your TV and you will have to set it up again.

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Guide 2: Setting up Chromecast again

To do the same follow the steps below.

  • Open the Google Home app on your device.
  • Click on the + icon on the top left corner to add a new device.
  • After this click on Set up new device in your home.
  • Then select the home environment in which you want to add this device or create a new environment and then click on Next.
  • Click on Next in the new window that opens up.
  • Then click on Connect to your Chromecast’s local network.
  • Once you have done this, a new window will show up asking you if you want to improve Chromecast by sending crash reports to Google. You can click on either No, thanks or Yes, I’m in.
  • Once this is done you can select the WiFi network you want your Chromecast to connect to and then click on Next

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